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January 12, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate

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# Children / Youth
How does a child become a shooter? Research suggests easy access to guns and exposure to screen violence increase the risk: Watching gun violence on screen can desensitize children to the harm caused by firearms.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
‘Damaging cuts’ to Medicare and Social Security are looking more likely with McCarthy as House Speaker. Here’s what it will mean for retirees. by making concessions to a small faction of MAGA rebels in order to become House Speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has opened the door for cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure:                                                                                                                          ‘No Time to Lose’: 300+ Groups Push Biden to End Drilling on Public Lands, Waters. “More drilling and more fracking is just a recipe for more climate disaster. For our future, President Biden needs to get real.” More than 300 environmental and Indigenous rights groups said Wednesday that the Biden administration must take a number of concrete actions to protect the nation’s public lands and waters from fossil fuel industry exploitation, and the president’s own campaign pledges.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Rights Advocates Demand Probe Into Murder of Environmental Defenders in Honduras: “It’s vital that an independent impartial investigation is carried out which must take into account the possibility that Aly and Jairo have been retaliated against for their work defending human rights,” said a United Nations researcher.

# General Information / Other News
Michigan’s Muslim-majority city council approves animal sacrifice for religious purposes: Muslims often slaughter animals, especially goats or sheep, during the holiday of Eid al-Adha or pay someone to do it for them. Meat is shared with family, friends and the poor.

# Gov / Politics / Global
China looms large as President Biden and Japan’s PM Kishida sit down to discuss defense shift, regional tensions: The meeting is the first between the leaders since Japan outlined a more assertive defense strategy in December.

# Gov / Politics / US
House GOP Begins March Toward Nationwide Abortion Ban With Two ‘Absurd’ Proposals: “Once again, Republicans are proving how dangerously out of touch they are with mainstream America,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Texas Congressman files three articles of impeachment against Mayorkas: Fallon is the second congressman to do so in less than a year after U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, filed impeachment articles against Mayorkas last August.

# Legal / DOJ
A Chicago attorney is getting justice for hundreds of wrongfully convicted people at once: Josh Tepfer has helped exonerate 288 people, many of whom were convicted based on patterns of misconduct by corrupt police or officials.

Pressure Builds on Garland to Appoint Special Counsel After Second Batch of Classified Biden Documents Found: “So, what I think, I think if you believe a special counsel is necessary to assure the public about the handling of classified documents by Donald Trump, you should apply a special counsel to the mishandling of classified documents by President Biden when he was vice president,” said Graham.  “If there’s not a special counsel appointed to find out how this happened with President Biden, regarding classified information, there is going to be a lot of anger. It will hurt the country,” he continued.

# Medical / Health
House Passes ‘Born Alive’ Abortion Bill: The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, enacted in 2002, says that any child born at any stage of development, including potentially after an abortion, should be considered a “person” and a “human being,” and thus is entitled to the same legal protections.

Common Medications Could Have Terrifying Side Effects

# Military / Global
Iran vows to station warships in the Panama canal after building ties with Latin American dictators: Latest move seen as part of effort to extend Iran’s influence into U.S. backyard

# Science
Why modern mortar crumbles, Roman concrete lasts millennia: Seawater, the secret behind the strength of the Pantheon and Colosseum.  When they analyzed it, they found that the seawater had dissolved components of the volcanic ash, allowing new binding minerals to grow. Within a decade, a very rare hydrothermal mineral called aluminum tobermorite (Al-tobermorite) had formed in the concrete.

Ancient Roman concrete could self-heal thanks to “hot mixing” with quicklime: Mysterious lime clasts, dismissed as defects, turn out to serve a useful purpose.

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