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January 13, 2023
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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments
of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of
challenge and controversy.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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# Indigenous
At first, locals protested Alaska’s land sale. Now, they’re reclaiming it: The buyers plan to transform 40 acres of fire-scarred land into a sustainable, Indigenous-led farm.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Vital CDC DATA: The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times larger than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the US since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000)

Modified mRNA wins for COVID vaccines: The debate over the best design for mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines settled: chemically modified mRNA comes out on top. A vaccine made with modified mRNA elicited the same immune protection and caused fewer side effects at the same dose as a version with ‘natural’ mRNA in a comparison by vaccine maker CureVac.

Bernie Sanders Blasts Moderna over Plan to Quadruple Price of COVID-19 Vaccine: Quadrupling the price of COVID-19 vaccine would make it too expensive for millions of Americans, the Vermont Independent says.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
The Misleading Reporting on Inflation: The coverage overstates the problem, feeding the narrative of a necessary recession. If you saw the good news about declining inflation rates, from the December report on the Consumer Price Index, you read that inflation declined from a 7.1 percent rate in November to 6.3 percent in December. Except that’s not what happened.

Kevin McCarthy’s Misleading, But Revealing Argument On The Debt Ceiling: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said some things that were extremely misleading, and then some things that were extremely revealing, this week about what’s shaping up as the biggest economic policy fight of the coming year.

# Education / Schools
COVID-19 upended Texas schools’ finances. Now they’re calling for a new funding system. Districts like Pflugerville ISD, which is struggling with a $12 million deficit and weighing school closures, say the pandemic and rising inflation have eroded the value of the state’s last effort to overhaul its public education finance system.

# Employment / Labor
Sheriff opens rape investigation after CPI-Scripps News reporting: Responses to a CPI-Scripps News investigation suggest that violence against women in the trucking industry is an urgent problem. Female truck drivers reacted with a mix of outrage, sadness and frustration after Public Integrity and Scripps News published an investigation showing an alarming pattern of sexual violence in the trucking industry and the failure of companies to address it.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
This giant underground battery is a $1-billion clean energy solution: What can store solar power for after dark, doesn’t require lithium and costs three-quarters of a billion dollars?

Exxon’s Own Science Proved Global Warming, So It Buried It: A new investigation shows the oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Global
The selection of Sultan Al Jaber, head of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to lead this year’s COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai has climate activists worried that heavy industry has too big a hand in the worldwide response to the climate crisis.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Deforestation ‘out of control’ in reserve in Brazil’s cattle capital: Advocates say the forest is mainly giving way to cattle pasture, although illegal mining and land grabbing are gaining ground.

World’s Oceans Broke Heat Records Again in 2022: Those higher temperatures could lead to more coastal erosion, flooding, and extreme weather

# Foodie Tips, Tricks and How To’s
Save on Energy Costs With This DIY Solar Oven:  If you’re looking for ways to save money on energy costs this winter, turn to the sun. Solar ovens aren’t just a fun science project, but a legitimate way to cook outdoors, even during the coldest months. The average electric oven/stove contributes roughly $150 a year to your electricity bill, while a DIY box cooker can be made for free with a few supplies you probably already have on hand.

# Gov / Politics / Global
South Korea Warns It Could Build a Nuclear Arsenal to Counter North Korean Threat

North Korea threatens to use nuke over S. Korea-US drills

U.S. and Japan pledge stronger military ties as Biden meets with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida: The statement by the US president and Japanese prime minister cited challenges posed by ‘actions inconsistent with the rules-based international order by China.’ US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, meeting in Washington on Friday, pledged to strengthen their nations’ ties, coordinate their global leadership agendas and bolster alliances in the Indo-Pacific region to counter an increasingly powerful China.

# Gov / Politics / US
The myth of the ‘moderate Republican,’and why it’s so dangerous: Those “moderates” and “centrists” are actively supporting neofascist leadership. The current notion of a “moderate Republican” is an oxymoron that helps to move the country rightward.

# Law Enforcement
The fringe ideology of “constitutional sheriffs” is attracting believers within Texas law enforcement
Some 50 Texas sheriffs and numerous elected officials have attended trainings on the unsupported notion that sheriffs can single-handedly overrule state and federal law. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, which offered state peace officers credit for the seminars, is now investigating.

A sheriff in Louisiana has been destroying records of deputies’ alleged misconduct for years: A lawsuit brought by the family of an autistic teen who died while in custody found the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office destroyed the disciplinary records of a deputy involved in the case.

Cousin of Black Lives Matter founder dies after being tased: Body camera footage showed Keenan Anderson being detained by multiple officers on Jan. 3 and appears to show an officer’s elbow on his neck before he was tased.

# Legal / DOJ
A special counsel will investigate classified documents found in Biden’s home and former office:

Biden admitted he stored documents next to his car, insisted he takes seriously his responsibility to safeguard the nation’s secrets. The appointment of a special counsel could prove disastrous for Biden as such inquiries often expand in focus.

# Medical / Health
Japanese condiment fights highly lethal pancreatic cancer: A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine reveals the potent Japanese horseradish concoction known as wasabi may help fight highly lethal pancreatic cancer

A reproductive justice pioneer on what the abortion debate misses: Loretta J. Ross, a 2022 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient, advanced the concept of reproductive justice versus reproductive rights. Since its founding, the group has become a voice for the concept of reproductive justice as an alternative framework to pro-choice and anti-abortion arguments.

# Military / DOD
More than a dozen Special Operations soldiers at center of drug trafficking probe: “As a professional and disciplined force, we are committed to addressing harmful behaviors that affect our people, our most important asset, and upholding the high standards of conduct displayed by the vast majority of SOF members every day.” Special Operations Command said. ”

# Technology
Twitter Documents Reveal Collusion Between Twitter, Government Agencies: “A senior Twitter executive reports, “Twitter also agreed to “bounce” content on the recommendations of a wide array of governmental and quasi-governmental actors, from the FBI to the Homeland Security agency CISA to Stanford’s Election Integrity Project to state governments.
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