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January 17, 2023
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# Children / Youth
A 12-year-old girl in Argentina died this week after attempting the deadly “choking challenge,”also known as the “blackout challenge,” this dangerous stunt encourages internet clout-seekers to asphyxiate themselves until passing out was first popularized on TikTok.  Milagros Soto had been discovered dead in her home after allegedly participating in the viral “choking challenge” — one of several fatal fads to circulate on TikTok. The little girl was found hanging from a makeshift noose, local outlet El Litoral reported.

11-Year-Old’s Scalp Ripped Off in Horrific Pit Bull Mauling: Justin Gilstrap is recovering and in good spirits after undergoing several surgeries. Justin Gilstrap has been left with horrific life-changing injuries after he was mauled by a group of three vicious pit bulls while cycling through his neighbourhood

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
White House Warns GOP Not to Tie Debt Ceiling to Social Security Cuts: “In exchange for not crashing the United States economy, you get nothing,” one Democrat said. “You don’t get a cookie.” It’s not that the White House will be hard on Republicans at the negotiating table, she said — rather, there will not be any negotiations to begin with. “We will not be doing any negotiation over the debt ceiling,” Jean-Pierre said.

# Education / Schools
Texas Supreme Court clears way for state’s education agency to take over Houston ISD: State-appointed managers can replace elected school board members in the largest district in Texas, according to a decision released by the state’s Supreme Court Friday morning. Justices overruled an appellate court’s decision that had blocked TEA from taking over the district. The case isn’t over, though. A lower court will hear further arguments.

Students Need Emotional and Community Support, Not Cops in Schools: Some schools that removed police on campus following the 2020 uprisings are now asking for them to be reinstated.

# Employment / Labor
# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical
Plans for deep seabed mining pit renewable energy demand against ocean life in a largely unexplored frontier. As companies race to expand renewable energy and the batteries to store it, finding sufficient amounts of rare earth metals to build the technology is no easy feat. That’s leading mining companies to take a closer look at a largely unexplored frontier – the deep ocean seabed.

# Environment / Climate / Interior
Environmental scientists say a newly discovered whale species in the Gulf of Mexico, Rice’s whale, faces extinction unless the federal government sets tougher restrictions on oil and gas activities. The Gulf of Mexico whales have also been sighted near Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The whale is one of the rarest on the planet, scientists say, and only about 50 are believed to exist. The discovery underscores how much we still need to learn about our oceans and puts a focus on how we need to vigilantly protect what’s living in our waters before species dwindle and disappear.

# General Information / Other News
Public libraries continue to thrive despite defunding and privatization attacks: Efforts by governments and cities across the nation to defund the public library indicate a misunderstanding of the essential role that libraries play. Public education, for example, has been increasingly privatized by way of racist school voucher programs, and the expansion of for-profit charter schools and for-profit education management organizations (EMOs).

Justice Department and Congress Face New Calls to Probe Trump’s Financial Ties to Saudi Arabia: The DOJ must investigate negotiations between Trump and Saudi Arabia while Trump was in power, says Sarah Leah Whitson. LIV has paid millions to golf resorts owned by Donald Trump, who has publicly supported the new league which is attempting to compete with the PGA. Meanwhile, an exposé has revealed that the Saudi government infiltrated Wikipedia to control information on the kingdom.

# Gov / Politics / Global
As Andrew Tate remains in custody, Romanian authorities have seized $3.9 million in luxury cars, watches, and other assets from his compound. Tate was arrested on Dec. 29 along with his brother, Tristan Tate, and two Romanian women in connection with an organized crime, human trafficking, and rape investigation.

Putin: I Could Never Have Foreseen All the Crises I Created: The Russian president claims the country’s setbacks in 2022 “arose largely unexpectedly.” Vladimir Putin appears to be playing dumb to avoid taking the blame for mounting fallout over his war against Ukraine. The Russian leader stated the obvious and admitted that 2022 had been a “difficult” year for the country.

# Gov / Politics / US
The Week Everything Changed for the Biden White House: President Joe Biden began the new year with the political winds at his back. Amid the chaos of a fractured Republican majority trying to elect a House speaker, his administration was making a major public effort to show how the laws bolstering his ambitious policy priorities were showing tangible results.

‘The most important election nobody’s ever heard of’: There are significant policy outcomes hanging on the result. The court chose the state’s political maps for the decade after the Democratic governor and Republican Legislature deadlocked, and it’s likely to hear a case challenging Wisconsin’s 19th-century law banning almost all abortions in the near future.

‘Game on’ as attorneys challenge Illinois’ gun ban with more lawsuits expected: Last week, on the final day of the 102nd General Assembly, the legislature and Gov. J.B. Pritzker approved a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms. No future sales are allowed. Guns already in possession must be registered with Illinois State Police by Jan. 1, 2024. Non compliance can bring a Class 2 felony. Magazines of more than 10 rounds for rifles and 15 rounds for handguns also are banned. Possession could be a petty offense and a fine of $1,000 for each violation.

Santos to Be Rewarded for His Lies With Committee Spots: “He’ll get seated on committees,” McCarthy said Tuesday. McCarthy moves past GOP gripes to give New York freshman spots. Some New York Republicans have called for Santos’ resignation. The freshman congressman admitted to embellishing some details, but has said he has no plans to step down from Congress despite several calls for his resignation — including some from within the GOP.

Booted GOP Reps. Gosar, MTG Snag New Committee Assignments: Gosar was given a seat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, while Greene now has a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee.

# Law Enforcement
In Largest Case Prosecuted in U.S. Focusing on White Supremacist Prison Gang Members, Swift Justice Leads to Conviction of 89 Members/Associates of Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and Aryan Circle: Investigation Targeted White Supremacists With Long and Violent Criminal Histories Who Were Selling Illegal Drugs in North Texas Communities

In county jails, guards use pepper spray and stun guns to subdue people in mental crisis: Nearly 1 in 3 “use of force” incidents involved a person who was having a mental health crisis or who had a known mental illness. Guards used aggressive, and distressing, weapons like stun guns and pepper spray to control and subdue such prisoners, despite the fact that their severe psychiatric conditions meant they may have been unable to follow orders, or even understand what was going on.

# Legal / DOJ
Donald Trump ‘Caught in Repeated Lies’ During Deposition—Attorney: Donald Trump may have severely damaged his case in the defamation lawsuit brought against him by a woman who accused him of rape by expressing “repeated lies” during his deposition, according to an attorney.

# Medical / Health
Microplastics can cross placenta into unborn babies, study shows: Microplastics have been found to cross the placenta into unborn babies, a shocking study reveals. Scientists warn it is impossible to stop children ingesting the tiny plastic particles as well as even smaller nanoplastics, which can be found almost everywhere.

# Medical Technology
A woman receives the first-ever successful transplant of a living, 3D-printed ear: Replacement body parts may be much closer to reality than we dare believe.

Super-tough hydrogel could be the knee replacement material of the future: The material could dramatically lower the frequency with which such implants wear out and have to be replaced.

# Military / Global
Russia launched one of the deadliest civilian attacks of the war so far in southeastern Ukraine on Saturday. 44 people were killed, including five children, and 79 were injured, AP reports. The missile strike devastated an apartment building in Dnipro, and authorities said that at least 400 people have lost their homes.

# Technology
Facebook Wanted Out of Politics. It Was Messier Than Anyone Expected: Hitting mute button on political content recommendations brought unintended consequences, documents show.

# Water
A new bipartisan group of lawmakers has formed to highlight Texas’ increasingly fragile water infrastructure during this legislative session. Thirty-eight legislators from the Texas House plan to prioritize educating fellow state lawmakers about water security issues after more than 3,000 boil-water notices were issued across the state last year.

Scottsdale cuts off Rio Verde Foothills water supply amid drought: Some living here amid the cactus and creosote bushes see themselves as the first domino to fall as the Colorado River tips further into crisis.

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