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# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
U.S. rep calls for more safeguards on how welfare money is spent: An Illinois congressman is calling for more scrutiny on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. The call follows a scandal in Mississippi where the Department of Human Services allowed well-connected people to spend tens of millions of welfare dollars intended for needy families on other projects

We Must Stand Up to Chinese Companies Skirting Tariff Laws:  Most people are waking up to the realities of dealing with China. We now know that they are not a friend or a trading partner. They are a competitor that uses technology theft, espionage and mercantilism, whose primary objective is global displacement of the United States. To achieve its goals, the CCP heavily subsidizes companies that operate in the key industries identified in its Made in China 2025 plan. These subsidies make it difficult for U.S. companies to compete

U.S. to Probe Tariff-Dodging Claim Against Chinese Manufacturers: The issue pits U.S. solar manufacturers against installers who use imported cells and modules

# Employment / Labor
Third Teen Worker Killed In Industrial Accident As States Try To Loosen Child Labor Laws: A 16-year-old boy’s death in Mississippi after sustaining on-the-job injuries at an industrial site comes weeks after two other minors died on the job in Missouri and Wisconsin, as lawmakers in several states advocate loosening child labor laws that protect minors from hazardous work.

Julie Su Will Be Acting Labor Secretary Indefinitely: Despite criticism from Republican lawmakers and even some Democratic opponents, Biden’s support for Su has been “unwavering.” Her Senate confirmation was halted after Senate Republicans and two Democrats declined to endorse her. The Biden administration believes she can stay in the “acting” role with no time limit since she was already confirmed as deputy labor secretary by the Senate

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
After litigation and local outcry, energy company says it will not move forward with LNG plant in Florida Panhandle: The company says it reached the decision months ago, although residents only learned of it this week.

A Texas energy company will pay $1.3 million over pollution in the Permian Basin, EPA says: The EPA last year announced aerial surveillance of “super-emitters.” At least one other company in New Mexico faced a similar fine.

Proposed pipeline expansion could upend three states’ climate plans: “These XPress projects are putting millions of cubic feet of gas into the United States at a time when Texas is baking and Oregon is burning.”Utilities say growing demand justifies upgrading the GTN pipeline – but their forecasts may not hold up.

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure Alaska will start monitoring villages for PFAS in anticipation of new EPA rules: The state Department of Environmental Conservation will test the drinking water in 193 Alaska Native villages starting this fall.

How Biden steered climate money to red states: Conservative or progressive, urban or rural, pro-oil or pro-renewable, states across the country are taking millions of dollars from the Inflation Reduction Act to plan how to cut climate pollution. At least, most of them are.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
The Vice of Spice: Confronting Lead-Tainted Turmeric: To enhance the color of turmeric roots, some traders add a toxic substance called lead chromate. The turmeric purchased abroad, in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Morocco, had the highest lead concentrations, meaning that people all over the world could have been affected. This disparity, the study explained, may have been due to the adulteration of spices in countries with poor regulatory control.

# Gov / Politics / Global
South Korea to China: It’s not you … It’s the US: Most traditional US allies, in Europe and especially in Asia, strike a delicate balance between strong military relationships with the United States and lucrative trade relations with China. South Korea is fast becoming a striking exception.

What’s Causing the Rise in China-South Korea Tensions? Mounting frictions between the two sides appear to be part of China’s efforts to disrupt the ties between South Korea and the United States but could end up drawing the two allies even closer.

North Korea has been warned it will be eradicated if it used nuclear weapons against the US or South Korea: In a grim warning from the South Korean Defense Ministry, Seoul told Kim Jong-Un’s regime that any nuke fired would be the end of North Korea. The ministry said: “In the event of any North Korean nuclear attack against the South Korea-US alliance, it will face an immediate, overwhelming and decisive response from the alliance, and through this, (we) warn strongly again that (the attack) will result in the end of the North Korean regime.”

North Korea will launch a nuclear retaliation “automatically and immediately” if KIM JONG UN is incapacitated in an attack, according to a new law, codifying for the first time that the leader has delegated his strike authority under that severe condition.

The legislation, passed by Kim’s rubber-stamp parliament, also allows for preemptive nuclear strikes if North Korea judges that foreign weapons will soon streak toward its strategic targets or state leadership.

# Gov / Politics
Texas begins withdrawal from multistate partnership to clean voter rolls: A new GOP-backed state law requires Texas to create its own version of a cross-check program or find a vendor that doesn’t cost more than $100,000.

Report: McCarthy Promised to Expunge Trump’s Impeachments: The U.S. Constitution doesn’t include a process for expunging a former president who has been impeached. The symbolic measure is not likely come to a vote before the August recess. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Thursday denied a report claiming he promised former President Donald Trump that the House would hold a vote before its August recess on expunging Trump’s past impeachments.

# Legal / DOJ
Trump Shares Menacing Video as Jan. 6 Indictment Looms: “If you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before,” Trump is heard saying in the clip. A possible indictment could be handed down as soon as Thursday or Friday, charging the former president in his third criminal case.

# LGBTQ / Gender
Last month, the Republican attorneys general of 19 states sent a letter to President Biden’s HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, demanding access to the medical records of people who cross state lines to seek abortions or gender-affirming care. The Biden administration is not cooperating, but the next step will be litigation. The Republicans say that they need out-of-state medical records to enforce state bans on abortion and gender-affirming care.

# Medical / Health
Confusion and stress abound for 500,000 Texans bumped from Medicaid: New federal funding legislation has lifted pandemic-era protections that provided continuous health coverage. Now, a good chunk of people stripped from state Medicaid rolls aren’t aware of their loss of coverage.

How the Affirmative Action Ruling will impact health care: Evidence shows a more diverse workforce of doctors does a better job of treating diverse patients. On June 29, the Supreme Court found race-conscious admissions programs unconstitutional. How will the ruling affect the diversity of health care providers, and ultimately, patient care?

# Military / DOD
US sending more Navy ships, Marines to Gulf to counter Iran: The deployment is the latest move to increase security in the region in the wake of Iranian attempts to seize commercial ships there. Read More

US Navy ‘operationalizes’ drones in 4th Fleet exercise: The U.S. Navy leveraged air and surface drones throughout its two-week UNITAS 2023 naval exercise near Latin America, the first major event since service leadership announced the region would host the sea service’s second unmanned operations hub.

# Nuclear
The Big Problem With Small Nuclear Reactors: The diminutive reactors are likely to be just as prone to delays and cost overruns as their behemoth predecessors.

# Social
60 Years After the March on Washington, 1 in 3 Black Children Live in Poverty: In the wake of a new report, Martin Luther King III says his dad’s dream is not realized and “our work is not over.” The 60th anniversary of the March on Washington will be celebrated on August 28, but advocates say the hard numbers reveal that King’s dream has yet to be realized for millions of people.

# Water
Colorado River’s missing water: Researchers are trying to unravel the mystery of snow that falls but never shows up in the river. “It’s one of those nasty, wicked problems that no one wants to touch,” Lundquist said. “You can’t see it, and very few instruments can measure it. And then people are asking, what’s going to happen with climate change? Are we going to have less water for the rivers? Is more of it going into the atmosphere or not? And we just don’t know.”

# Weather
80 million, that’s how many people in the United States: Nearly a quarter of the nation’s population will experience actual temperatures or a heat index of 105 degrees Fahrenheit through the weekend, the National Weather Service said.

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