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October 16, 2023
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# Indigenous
Gangsters are the villains in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ but the biggest thief of Native American wealth was the US government: The Osage murders of the 1920s are just one episode in nearly two centuries of stealing land and resources from Native Americans. Much of this theft was guided and sanctioned by federal law. Director Martin Scorsese’s new movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” tells the true story of a string of murders on the Osage Nation’s land in Oklahoma in the 1920s. Based on David Grann’s meticulously researched 2017 book, the movie delves into racial and family dynamics that rocked Oklahoma to the core when oil was discovered on Osage lands.

Why Does A Rich Chicago Law Firm Keep Suing Indian Tribes? Why does a deep-pockets Chicago law firm keep targeting businesses run by Native American tribes? In September, Daniel Edelman filed yet another lawsuit against a short-term, small-dollar lending business, this one owned by the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

# Indigenous / Global
The Mayans were excellent at maintaining their reservoirs. Can we learn an important lesson from them?Settlement maps show that the Maya didn’t build residences near reservoir edges so contamination from human waste wouldn’t be an issue for reservoirs. Studies analyzed DNA in sediments from reservoir edges in massive Maya cities like Tikal in Guatemala and identified large and small trees.

Referendum ‘no’ vote a blow for Indigenous Australians: The result was definitive, a major rebuff for Anthony Albanese and, more important, for the many Indigenous Australians who had put their hopes in what was always a long shot. The Indigenous people in the Uluru Statement from the Heart insisted the Voice should be enshrined in the Constitution.
That put up the highest hurdle for enacting it. The more modest alternative would have been a legislated Voice, but Indigenous leaders rejected that because it could always be abolished by a hostile government, as had happened before.

# Archaeology
Milanese friar wrote about North America 150 years before Columbus: In a recent study, Paolo Chiesa of the University of Milan documented the first written mention of America in the Mediterranean area. In the “Cronica universalis” penned by Milanese friar Galvaneus Flamma in 1345, Chiesa found a mention of a land named “terra que dicitur Marckalada,” situated west of Greenland.

# Border / Immigration / Migrants
Justice Department Won’t Charge Border Patrol Agents Who Killed Native Mana a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, according to tribal leadership: No explanation was given to Raymond Mattia’s family, who said prosecutors violated new federal guidelines on victims’ rights. The shooting of Mattia occurred on May 18 on Tohono O’odham tribal land. JURIST has reviewed body camera footage, 911 audio and radio conversations between BP agents released by the BP. The footage and audio are not linked to this story out of respect for the Mattia family.

# Education / Schools
Teacher Charged With Duct-Taping Student’s Mouth Shut: A West Virginia teacher accused of taping a student’s mouth shut and binding his wrists has been charged with child abuse. Cassandra Sisler, 43, allegedly bound the child’s face “from ear to ear” on four different occasions, according to police.

# Employment / Labor
Stellantis Diversity Groups Mobilize to Provide Scab Labor at Auto Parts Plants: The automaker’s Business Resource Groups have responded to the company’s call for volunteers at plants affected by the UAW strike. Tellantis, one of the big three automakers locked in negotiations with the United Auto Workers, is mobilizing its internal diversity groups to provide volunteer labor at parts distribution facilities affected by the UAW strike

A Worker-Driven Model for Protecting Labor Rights Is Successful, and Expanding: Unlike corporate models, “worker-driven social responsibility” puts workers at the center of protecting their rights.

# Foodie Tips, Tricks and How To’s
Never throw it away again. It protects against cancer and improves lung function: Orange peel, often considered waste, is actually one of the healthiest ingredients of the orange fruit. Here are 10 benefits of its regular consumption.

# General News
First flight from Israel arrives in Florida after DeSantis order: The first flight carrying American citizens from Israel arrived in Florida on Sunday as part of the executive order Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued last week authorizing the rescue of Floridians in Israel amid the country’s fight with Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Donald Trump and Stephen Miller Exploit Gaza Crisis to Push Muslim Travel Ban: Immigrant rights groups say Trump’s escalating rhetoric is increasing the risk of white nationalist violence. Trump and others in his mold are responding to attacks on Israelis and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza by spreading disinformation about the Mexican border and promoting extremist anti-immigrant policies such as reviving the ban on travelers from majority-Muslim countries that Trump pushed since 2016.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Hamas Is Dragging Israel Toward the Abyss: The surprrise attack by Hamas militants against Israel last Saturday now looks set to trigger a war potentially more destructive than any that the region has seen in years. The fate of Hamas may well be sealed, but that outcome will place Israel in a very dire situation as well, one that it has long sought to avoid. Israel has avoided ruling Gaza on the ground, but Hamas may have forced it to try.

Not Israel’s 9/11, but a Prison Riot: The George W. Bush administration deserves plenty of blame for what’s happening now in Israel and Gaza. Sealing off Gaza didn’t solve anything. Instead, it just turned Gaza into an overcrowded penal colony where the most radicalized and violent gang leaders eventually gained control. Mass murder and hostage taking have been the result.

U.S. Already ‘Militarily Involved’ in Israel War, Iran Says: The Iranian official also claimed Hamas is ready to release hostages but is being prevented from doing so.  The United States is already heavily involved in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and must be held to account, an Iranian official said on Monday.

Israel is committing an epic war crime with US backing and arms: Where is the US peace movement and the US public outrage?  America is basically bankrolling and arming Israel as it prepares to commit a massive war crime, collectively punishing and killing ordinary Palestinians trapped in the open-air prison of Gaza.

“This Is a Genocide”; Gazans Face Constant Israeli Attacks, a Closed Border as Essentials Run Out: Palestinian health officials say 47 families have been entirely removed from the Gaza civil registry, meaning those families no longer have any remaining members.

Israel Readying Emergency Regulations Allowing Arrest of Journalists for Factual Reporting: One Israeli journalist said Israel’s far-right government—trying to stop Al Jazeera’s Gaza broadcasts, is “acting more like Putin’s” regime.

# Gov / Politics
Jim Jordan and Allies Unleash Public Pressure Campaign on Speaker Vote Holdouts: “As someone who wants Jim Jordan, the dumbest thing you can do is to continue pissing off those people,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas said of the controversial strategy. As Ohio Representative Jim Jordan rushes to secure the necessary votes in advance of a Tuesday vote for Speaker of the House, he and his allies are activating a public pressure campaign, attempting to rally the GOP base into strong-arming wavering lawmakers who are either ideologically opposed to the far-right .

J Street to Democrats: Back Resolution Supporting Gaza War or Lose
Endorsement: Once a “pro-peace” Israel lobby alternative, J Street is pushing a hawkish resolution on Israel that ignores Palestinian civilians.100 former J Street staffers and representatives from its network of university groups are pushing their former organization to join mounting calls for a ceasefire

FBI chief warns violent ‘domestic terrorism’ growing in US:  FBI Director Christopher Wray bluntly labeled the January riot at the U.S. Capitol as “domestic terrorism” Tuesday and warned of a rapidly growing threat of homegrown violent extremism that law enforcement is scrambling to confront through thousands of investigations.

Treasury Secretary: U.S. Can ‘Absolutely’ Afford Two Wars: Janet Yellen added that the U.S. economy was doing “extremely well.” In an interview with Sky News, Janet Yellen said that the U.S. can “certainly” afford to fund Israel and Ukraine in their conflicts with Hamas and Russia.

House Progressives Introduce Resolution Demanding Immediate Cease-Fire in Israel and Gaza: “We can’t bomb our way to peace, equality, and freedom,” said Rep. Cori Bush. “With thousands of lives lost and millions more at stake, we need a cease-fire now.”

# Law Enforcment
6-year-old boy was stabbed to death in an anti-Muslim hate crime: A 71-year-old man in Plainfield, Illinois, has been charged with murder and a hate crime after stabbing a child and his mother because they were Muslims. The suspect was identified as 71-year-old Joseph M Czuba and police said he was the property’s landlord. Czuba was charged with murder, two counts of hate crimes and other offenses.

“Sign of dictatorship and a slippery slope to executing political opponents”: DeSantis’ death penalty law faces harsh criticism. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill allowing the death penalty in child rape convictions, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that banned capital punishment in such cases. The law relies on jury votes of 8-4 rather than unanimously. This puts Florida on the map as the most extreme death penalty state, and people are unhappy about it.

# Legal / DOJ
Supreme Court Shuts Down Challenge to Trump’s 2024 Presidential Eligibility Under 14th Amendment: Supreme Court declines to consider longshot bid to disqualify Trump from running for president. The Supreme Court said Monday that it will not take up a longshot challenge to Donald Trump’s eligibility to run for president because of his alleged role in the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

# Medical / Health
MDMA and talk therapy shows tremendous promise against PTSD: “MDMA simultaneously induces prosocial feelings and softens responses to emotionally challenging and fearful stimuli, potentially enhancing the ability of individuals with PTSD to benefit from psychotherapy by reducing sensations of fear, threat and negative emotionality,” the study concludes.

# Military / DOD
Eisenhower carrier strike group to join Ford in eastern Mediterranean: The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower and its carrier strike group are headed to the Eastern Mediterranean, joining the Ford Carrier Strike Group to provide support to Israel. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Saturday announced the Eisenhower will arrive in the region as part of an “effort to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war,” following the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel’s retaliatory strikes.

# Technology
Deepfake videos are already taking over the internet: Deepfake scams are on a rise, and AI scammers are trying their best to blur the delicate boundary between reality and fabricated reality.

# Water
Toxic PFAS from US military bases polluting drinking water, report finds: Plumes of ‘forever chemicals’ from at least 245 sites are contaminating water for nearby communities. Plumes of toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” flowing from at least 245 US military bases are contaminating or threatening to pollute drinking water for nearby communities, and hundreds more are likely at risk across America, a new Department of Defense report finds.

Facing Racism and Dire Mismanagement, Alabamans Got Their Water Board Removed: An expert has been appointed to take over Prichard’s embattled water board after it defaulted on a $55 million loan. Charging that the Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board has a “historical legacy of disinvestment and racial injustice” that has harmed the area’s largely Black and low-income population, more than 20 groups are petitioning EPA to intervene.

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