Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-10-26

Voices, The Peoples News

October 26, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Indigenous / Global
How to rebuild First Nations food systems in B.C: Communities are working toward food sovereignty one morsel at a time.  First Nations are fuelling their people with sustainably harvested, healthy and culturally safe foods amid a changing climate https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://thenarwhal.ca/rebuilding-food-sovereignty-experts/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wWkSYzPBG8c-YHqUBDpinaj1M-LBQdUrGh4-Lpm8EleKDsCGnfj–lIwJl0qc-tCS1snB6lOAGE-BtSXly2sMk7EYHqPFQq3$

# Archaeology
Earthquake in Mexico unearths spectacular Aztec serpent’s head relic: The nearly six-foot-long sculpture features well-preserved colors on 80 percent of its surface. The sculpture had been lying about 15 feet below the surface. Weighing in at 1.3 tons, it measures 5.9 feet long, 2.8 feet high and 3.3 feet wide https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/researchers-preserve-a-giant-colorful-aztec-snakehead-uncovered-by-an-earthquake-180983127/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wWkSYzPBG8c-YHqUBDpinaj1M-LBQdUrGh4-Lpm8EleKDsCGnfj–lIwJl0qc-tCS1snB6lOAGE-BtSXly2sMk7EYB7Wxzkd$

# Education / Schools
Celebrating Terrorism is a Psychological and Moral Failure: On American university campuses, Ivy League professors praised Hamas’s “awesome victory” and called it “exhilarating” and “energizing.” Students shouted, “Glory to the martyrs!” While this may express antisemitism, I don’t think that’s the whole story.

With cyber attacks on the rise, schools brace for higher costs: The GAO report found financial losses to school districts ranged from $50,000 to
$1 million. The GAO also noted that the “precise national magnitude of cyberattacks on K-12 schools is unknown.” Experts said many attacks are not reported. The issue isn’t limited to schools.

# Employment / Labor
The United Auto Workers union and Ford have reached a tentative agreement that could end the nearly six-week strike against the iconic Detroit automaker, the union announced. If workers like the deal, it could serve as a blueprint to resolve contract talks with two other automakers https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://apnews.com/article/auto-workers-strikes-ford-general-motors-stellantis-08a81503d72e44d4efa40549f684d5a2__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wWkSYzPBG8c-YHqUBDpinaj1M-LBQdUrGh4-Lpm8EleKDsCGnfj–lIwJl0qc-tCS1snB6lOAGE-BtSXly2sMk7EYB7eue-w$

‘A Big Deal’: New NLRB Joint-Employer Rule Will Close Workers’ Rights Loophole: The new rule “will help restore fairness to an economy rigged against workers,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals Inside the Campaign That Put an Oil Boss in Charge of a Climate Summit: Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of the UAE’s national oil company, secured the COP28 presidency despite questions over his green credentials. Al Jaber’s role as both summit president and Adnoc CEO is unprecedented. Amnesty International labeled it a conflict of interest and said Al Jaber was “unfit” to lead the climate talks, while activists have compared his appointment to putting a tobacco company in charge of an anti-smoking campaign.

# Environment / Climate / Infrastructure N.C. Gov. Cooper issues environmental justice order, says it will “last beyond this administration”: On Tuesday Gov. Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 292, “Advancing Environmental Justice for North Carolina.”
Hundreds of communities across North Carolina are burdened by multiple pollution sources https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://ncnewsline.com/2023/10/25/gov-cooper-issues-environmental-justice-order-says-it-will-last-beyond-this-administration/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wWkSYzPBG8c-YHqUBDpinaj1M-LBQdUrGh4-Lpm8EleKDsCGnfj–lIwJl0qc-tCS1snB6lOAGE-BtSXly2sMk7EYBz2o17Z$

Weldon Spring uranium plant contaminated Missouri lakes with radioactive waste: Testing results from sampling conducted by the Department of Energy show that, in the 1980s and 1990s, three lakes within the Busch conservation area, almost 7,000 acres of some of the busiest fishing lakes and hiking trails in the state, contained higher-than-natural levels of uranium and radioactivity.

House Republicans get back to business with climate cuts: It would slash renewable energy and climate-friendly programs passed last year . “The bill cuts more than $5 billion in spending that was passed as part of Democrats’ signature climate, tax and health care bill, which was approved without GOP support last year.”

# Environment / Climate / Infrastructure / Global New study reveals melting ice shelves in Antarctica inevitable no matter the climate initiatives: The analysis shows the rate at which the melting of ice shelves floating in the Amundsen Sea in west Antarctica is three times faster in this century than the 20th century. Accelerated ice melt in west Antarctica is inevitable for the rest of the century no matter how much carbon emissions are cut, research indicates. The implications for sea level rise are “dire”, scientists say, and mean some coastal cities may have to be abandoned.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals
The Smell of Money: Inside the fight to take on ‘unbelievable’ pig farm pollution: A new documentary has stirred up anger with its portrayal of a North Carolina community suffering as a result of pork factory toxic waste. The film captures the toxic hog waste produced in North Carolina’s concentrated animal feeding operations, which is then sprayed across fields near people’s homes, producing a foul and debilitating stench that has severe health impacts.

Consumer Reports Urges Hershey’s to Get Heavy Metals Out of Chocolate Products. Latest CR Tests Find Concerning Levels of Lead in Hershey’s Cocoa Powder and Milk Chocolate; Previous Tests Found Hershey’s Dark Chocolate High in Lead and Cadmium. Last year, CR found that a number of Hershey’s dark chocolate bars had some of the highest levels of lead or cadmium of all brands it tested.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Russia maneuvers carefully over the Israel-Hamas war as it seeks to expand its global clout: Russia has issued carefully calibrated criticism of both sides in the war between Israel and Hamas. But the conflict also is giving Moscow bold new opportunities — to advance its role as a global power broker and challenge Western efforts to isolate it over Ukraine.

# Gov / Politics
Matt Gaetz is the big winner of GOP’s House speaker battle:  “MAGA Mike” Johnson (as Gaetz affectionately calls him) new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Johnson played a key role in trying to help Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election. In fairness, it’s unclear how newly-minted House Speaker Mike Johnson will lead.

New Speaker Mike Johnson’s Long History With The Religious Right: Come for the Noah’s Ark theme park, stay for the relentless efforts to strip women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson’s path in Republican politics began with a yearslong role as the senior attorney and national spokesperson for a group on the religious right dedicated to dismantling LGBTQ+ freedoms and outlawing abortion.

Americans say government is too big, has too much power: Newly released polling data shows most American think the government is too big and has too much power. Gallup released the new survey data, which shows that 54% of surveyed Americans say government is “trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.” That number has stayed relatively the same since 2021. Overall, only 43% of surveyed Americans say the government should be doing more.

Biden Requests $16 Billion for Child Care, $23 Billion for Disaster Relief: The White House is asking Congress for $16 billion to fund child-care programs in the current fiscal year, along with $23 billion for natural disaster relief. The request is part of a roughly $50 billion supplemental package the Biden administration is sending to lawmakers to address a variety of domestic needs.

Nearly 300 Bernie Sanders Alumni Call On Senator to Back a Ceasefire in Gaza: They urge him to support ending U.S. military funding for Israeli war crimes, occupation and settlement expansion.

Secret U.S. War in Lebanon Is Tinder for Escalation of Israel–Gaza Conflict: Billions in security aid to Lebanon, along with off-the-books commandos, could embroil the U.S. in a regional conflagration. Experts say that secrecy surrounding the 127e program in Lebanon, known as Lion Hunter, whose existence The Intercept revealed last year, could embroil the U.S. in a wider war in the Middle East and pose an additional threat to U.S. troops.

Gaza and the Empathy Gap: How we Americans feel about Gazans living under Israeli bombs does matter, since we’re the ones financing it https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://theintercept.com/2023/10/23/gaza-israel-hamas-war/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wWkSYzPBG8c-YHqUBDpinaj1M-LBQdUrGh4-Lpm8EleKDsCGnfj–lIwJl0qc-tCS1snB6lOAGE-BtSXly2sMk7EYG32iMj0$

‘Kick Him Off the Ballot’: Trump Was Just Handed a Big Legal Defeat: A Colorado state judge handed former President Donald Trump his first defeat in the drive to bar the former president from the ballot.

So Biden’s a no-show on the New Hampshire primary ballot. What happens next: President Joe Biden wasn’t successful in unseating New Hampshire from the first-in-the-nation primary slot it has held for more than a century, but his campaign’s announcement this week that he won’t appear on the state’s 2024 primary ballot has nonetheless added a new wrinkle to the contest and created complications for his campaign, state election officials, and voters.

The New Speaker Is Not Just Trump’s Man; He’s Putin’s Man, Too: Johnson is a leading advocate of the three strands of contemporary Republicanism. First, he favors gutting social provision, privatizing Medicare, reducing the annual Social Security COLAs, and raising the age for Social Security eligibility to 69. Second, he is a biblical culture warrior, mixing theocracy with statecraft even while reducing Christianity to a kind of pre-Enlightenment primitivism. Third, he is and has been the shrewdest Trump champion on Capitol Hill, having persuaded a majority of House Republicans in the aftermath of the 2020 election to attempt to overturn its outcome not on the grounds of fraud but on legal technicalities that the Supreme Court instantly rejected.
Johnson serves up his noxious brew with a calm and affable manner.

‘I am a Zionist’: How Joe Biden’s lifelong bond with Israel shapes war policy: During his 36 years in the Senate, Biden was the chamber’s biggest recipient in history of donations from pro-Israeli groups, taking in $4.2 million. As vice president, Biden often mediated the testy relationship between Obama and Netanyahu.

Biden Approval Among Democrats Falls 11 Points as He Greenlights Israeli Assault on Gaza: A Gallup survey released Thursday shows that U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has fallen by 11 percentage points this month, a possible indication that his unconditional support for Israel as it carries out massacres in the Gaza Strip is angering part of his base.

Amnesty Demands Immediate Cease-Fire in Gaza as Israel Readies ‘Cataclysmic’ Invasion: “Urgent action is needed to protect civilians and prevent further staggering levels of human suffering.”

# Law Enforcment
Manhunt: Suspect in Double Mass Shooting on the Run in Maine: A man shot and killed at least 16 people at a restaurant and a bowling alley in Maine and then fled into the night, sparking a massive search by hundreds of officers while frightened residents stayed locked in their homes Thursday under a shelter-in-place advisory.

Family Reveals Suspected Gunman’s Link to Maine Massacre Sites: The family of Robert Card—who is suspected of killing 18 people in two mass shootings in Maine on Wednesday night—say the Army reservist had previously claimed he was hearing voices at the two locations he allegedly attacked.

# Medical / Health
The AARP-UnitedHealth Alliance Is Putting Seniors Last: The organization no longer represents anything substantial, as its original purpose and commitment to advancing the interests of seniors have seemingly vanished. Today, AARP primarily functions as a marketing and advocacy tool for United Health, the largest health insurance company in the United States. AARP’s revenue is channeled into supporting Democratic candidates and causes, further blurring the lines between its supposed mission and partisan politics.

# Medical Science
How two proteins that bind to RNA contribute to the inflammation of asthma: Genetic information was obtained from patients with asthmatic symptoms and compared to non-asthmatic people. The results highlighted two proteins known as ZFP36L1 and ZFP36L2, which bind to RNA to regulate their expression, that were significantly dysregulated in people with asthma

# Military / Global
Israeli Troops Carry Out An Hourslong Ground Raid Into Gaza Before An Expected Wider Incursion: Israeli troops and tanks briefly raided northern Gaza overnight into Thursday, the military said, striking several militant targets in order to “prepare the battlefield” before a widely expected ground invasion after more than two weeks of devastating airstrikes.

Israel Sends Tanks Into Gaza in Biggest Raid Yet: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not elaborate on when a full-invasion will begin. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared video footage of the incursion online, showing multiple armored vehicles firing and bulldozers leveling raised banks to allow the tanks to pass through. Israel’s national Army Radio said the operation was the biggest incursion into Gaza so far conducted by Israel in its war against Hamas.

# Space
China launches new mission to space station: China sent a fresh crew to its Tiangong space station on Thursday, in the latest mission for a growing space programme that plans to send people to the Moon by 2030.

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