Voices, The Peoples News No. 2023-10-30

Voices, The Peoples News

October 30, 2023
Published by Jedi Selman Since March 2000 to Inform and Educate
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# Indigenous
A tribal-led effort to protect marine life in California faces headwinds: The proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary could create a new model for Native co-management of public lands.

# Chemicals
Democrats unveil ‘most comprehensive plan ever’ to address plastics problem: As plastic litter builds up in the environment, polluting landscapes and poisoning ecosystems, U.S. lawmakers have unveiled their “most comprehensive plan ever” to tackle the problem. The sweeping bill is unlikely to pass, but its components could still make an impact.

EPA to Fund Studies of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Agriculture: The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday $8 million in new research funding to understand how the toxic compounds known as “forever chemicals” are affecting plants and animals in agricultural, rural and tribal communities.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Joe Biden Wants to Change Social Security, but His Plan Would Cost America $273 Billion: For better or worse, Social Security serves as a financial foundation for most retirees. Nearly 9 out of 10 retired workers are reliant on Social Security income, in some capacity, to cover their monthly expenses.

# Education / Schools
Cornell on Alert After Threats to Campus Jewish Community: The antisemitic threats were posted to a website unaffiliated with Cornell under pseudonyms like “hamas,” “jew evil,” and “jew jenocide.” Threatening statements about Jews on an internet discussion board have unnerved students at Cornell University and prompted officials to send police to guard a Jewish center and kosher dining hall

# Employment / Labor
UAW President Says Workers Must ‘Flex Our Collective Muscles’ to Win Class War: “One of our biggest goals coming out of this historic contract victory is to organize like we’ve never organized before,” said United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain. The UAW’s huge contract wins at Detroit automakers represent “a call to action” for working people everywhere to flex their collective muscle against “the billionaire class,” president Shawn Fain told union members Sunday evening

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemicals They went hunting for fossil fuels. What they found could help save the world: They did not expect to discover something which could supercharge the effort to tackle the climate crisis. White hydrogen! Hydrogen produces only water when burned, making it very attractive as a potential clean energy source for industries https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.cnn.com/2023/10/29/climate/white-hydrogen-fossil-fuels-climate/index.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!3TfXc7ClNpCoyNx4pzG_51cL0_ge14sf1IRCNPe8Wa5PkZHz1n1rle-wJHMYAzFJXjaJve20pBx6k7A4yM6mJ-oCNcQP1J-D$

# Environment / Climate / Infrastructure Environmental crime money easy to stash in US due to loopholes, report finds: Secrecy and lax oversight mean illegal loggers and miners in Amazon can park billions in real estate and other assets.

Another state refuses to cooperate with EPA on environmental justice: Texas told EPA it wouldn’t negotiate to resolve complaints alleging discriminatory decisions on pollution. EPA says it will continue to investigate, a process that could end with enforcement action.

How the US supreme court and an Idaho couple upended wetlands protection: This case, brought by an Idaho couple, Michael and Chantell Sackett, who wanted to fill in a section of wetland to develop a house in Priest Lake without getting a permit first, has upended previous assumptions about the protection of wetlands and now places many of the remaining, prized wetlands at risk.

States, Tribe, and Green Groups to Sue EPA Over Failing to Cap Climate Pollution: Minnesota, Oregon, the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Center for Biological Diversity, and 350.org filed a formal notice today of their intent to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to act on a 2009 petition urging a nationwide greenhouse gas pollution cap under the Clean Air Act.

Climate Groups Back Efforts to End Tens of Billions in Foreign Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Over 250 climate groups from 30 countries published an open letter on Monday urging governments that endorsed a global pledge at the United Nations summit in Scotland two years ago to support new efforts to cut off subsidies for foreign fossil fuel projects. “This is the moment where OECD countries can turn their words into action,” said an Oil Change International strategist. “All eyes are on them, the world is watching. Immediate action is necessary.”

# Environment / Climate / Infrastructure / Global The unseen toxic threat contaminating wildlife worldwide: An unseen but growing chemical contamination crisis is threatening wildlife across all seven continents, exacerbating a host of environmental threats they’re already facing. Plastic pollution in the oceans is killing albatrosses, the climate crisis threatens polar bears, and chimpanzees are at risk from deforestation

# Gov / Politics / Global
Türkiye to introduce Israel to world as a war criminal:  Turkish President Erdogan,”I am asking West, do you want to create another Crusader War atmosphere?” Erdogan, Those shedding crocodile tears for civilians killed in Ukraine-Russia war silently watching killing of children in Gaza, says Turkish president

Experts say Hamas and Israel are committing war crimes in their fight: The deadly attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians and the devastating Israeli airstrikes and blockade of Gaza have raised accusations among international legal experts that both sides were violating international law.

Why North Korea is in shock when it starts ‘South Korea-U.S. joint military drills’: Last month, on the 28th, the Son Won-il-class submarine ‘Jeong Ji’ arrived at the US naval base in Guam to participate in the US-South Korea joint anti-submarine exercise known as ‘Silent Shark.’ On the 29th, North Korea fiercely criticized the recent US-South Korea joint military exercises, accusing them of “provoking war against the North.”

Hamas Blocks Foreign Nationals From Leaving Gaza: The United States is blaming militant group Hamas for not letting American citizens and other foreign nationals out of Gaza as Israel intensifies its offensive in the enclave.

Hundreds of people reportedly stormed into a Russian airport, chanting antisemitic slogans and seeking passengers arriving on a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Erdogan Threatens To Declare War On Israel And Send Military To Gaza In Chilling Warning: Turkey’s president appears to have threatened to intervene in Gaza in an impassioned speech at a pro-Palestine rally this evening. Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech to a rally this afternoon in which he told attendees Israel was responsible for war crimes, and framed Hamas as “freedom fighters.”

New danger for Ukraine: Taking Israel’s side in war against Hamas and Gaza: Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy came out fast and strong in support of Israel, but that has imperiled relations with Arab and Muslim nations. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s immediate and forceful support for Israel in its fight against Hamas has imperiled almost a year of concerted efforts by Kyiv to win the support of Arab and Muslim nations in its war against Russia https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/10/29/ukraine-israel-gaza-russia-support/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!3TfXc7ClNpCoyNx4pzG_51cL0_ge14sf1IRCNPe8Wa5PkZHz1n1rle-wJHMYAzFJXjaJve20pBx6k7A4yM6mJ-oCNdLOwfAl$

Israel Has Killed More Kids in 3 Weeks Than Were Killed in All Global Conflicts Annually Since 2019: “One child’s death is one too many, but these are grave violations of epic proportions,” said the humanitarian group Save the Children. “A cease-fire is the only way to ensure their safety.”

# Gov / Politics
Rights Lawyers Release Legal Analysis of U.S. Complicity in Israel’s Unfolding Genocide Against Palestinians in Gaza: On the heels of President Biden’s visit to Israel and as the Palestinian death toll in Gaza passes 3,300, expert attorneys from the U.S.-based Center for Constitutional Rights released a legal and factual analysis of Israel’s unfolding crime of genocide against the Palestinian people and U.S. complicity in this grave international law violation.

Why This Election Is the Most Crucial Since the Civil War: Matt Bennett, co-founder of national think-tank Third Way, tells The New Abnormal why a second Trump presidency would be a “catastrophe” and leave America “unrecognizable.”

Nikki Haley May Be the Trump Alternative. She May Hate That: Nikki Haley is enjoying a bit of a surge among the Trump alternatives. Ultimately, that might hurt her more in the long run. Just ask Ron DeSantis.

Rep. Mike Johnson’s Vision for the Republican Party: When Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) ​first ran for chairman of the Republican Study Committee in 2018, he posed a thought-provoking question to his fellow  caucus members. He ‌asked them to imagine​ being in ‌an elevator with a millennial wearing a shirt that proudly proclaimed their progressive beliefs. With just a  few minutes‍ to spare, how could they engage in a conversation that would convince this young person that Republican values and conservatism are superior?

Protests surge globally as Gaza death toll rises to unprecedented levels: Massive protests sweep the nation as global outrage over Gaza crisis reaches fever pitch: In a country where mainstream media often casts a shadow over the plight of Palestinians, the grassroots movement demanding justice is creating its own spotlight. “People are waking up to the dire situation in Gaza.”

# Legal / DOJ
‘Charged Lemonade’ Gets New Warning After Death: Sarah Katz, who had a heart disease, drank a large “Charged Lemonade” just hours before her death. Panera Locations Install New Warning on Charged Lemonade Dispenser After Lawsuit Over Customer’s Death. When customers try ordering a beverage on the Panera website, a similar warning message now appears at the top: “Charged Sips contain 245-390mg of CAFFEINE – Consume in Moderation.

Donald Trump Might Have Just Opened a Legal ‘Pandora’s Box’: Democratic Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump is so convoluted that even the Washington Post thinks it’s a stretch — and one that sets an ominous precedent. It threatens to open a Pandora’s box of political indictments against former presidents and other elected officials, as well as their family members, by local prosecutors seeking to settle political scores.

“Freedom of Speech Does Not Apply to Lies”: Biden’s Supreme Court Win Raises Concerns About Censorship: The decision in a short unsigned order puts on hold a Louisiana-based judge’s ruling in July that specific agencies and officials should be barred from meeting with companies to discuss whether certain content should be stifled.
See also: The application for stay is also treated as a petition for a writ of certiorari, and the petition is granted on the questions presented in the application. The stay shall terminate upon the sending down of the judgment of this Court.

Biden DOJ ‘Bending Over Backwards’ to Protect Corporate Criminals: “If you steal a penny in America, you are a criminal,” said the watchdog group Public Citizen. “If you steal millions, you are a multinational corporation.”

# Medical / Health
By allowing insurers to outsource Medicaid decisions to a profit-hungry middleman, therapists and children say Florida’s left them with no say over vital medical care.

# Medical Science
New study identifies common physical features in babies born to mothers who used fentanyl: Babies born to mothers who used fentanyl during pregnancy displayed similar facial and musculoskeletal abnormalities that suggest the emergence of a novel syndrome, according to research published in the journal Genetics in Medicine Open. Gripp said the infants all had small heads, short stature, and distinctive facial features. Multiple infants had cleft palate, “rocker bottom” feet, and malformed genital organs. Other common features included short, broad thumbs, a single palmar crease, and fused toes.

# Military / DOD
Final Army base stripped of Confederate name as Fort Gordon becomes Fort Eisenhower: The names of Confederate leaders who took up arms against the United States in the Civil War have been fully stripped from Army installations, as the former Fort Gordon in Georgia was renamed Fort Eisenhower on Friday.

900 US troops deploying to Middle East to support Israel, add stability, Pentagon says: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin decided several days ago to put 2,000 troops on pre-deployment orders to prepare for possible missions in the Middle East. The Pentagon said some of those orders have been activated

The U.S. military is developing a modern version of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, which has been a mainstay in its arsenal for decades, the Pentagon said Friday. The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) would produce the B61-13.

U.S. and South Korean troops joined forces this week to prepare for “Hamas-style surprise” attacks, potentially out of Pyongyang. The two forces regularly conduct live fire and other training, but this week’s drills come after Hamas’ Oct. 7 assault on Israel raised security jitters in South Korea, which shares the world’s most heavily fortified border with rival North Korea

# Military / Global
Israel Strikes the Outskirts of Gaza City During a Second Ground Raid in as Many Days: Forces backed by fighter jets and drones carried out a second ground raid into Gaza in as many days and struck targets on the outskirts of Gaza City, the military said Friday, as it prepares for a widely expected ground invasion of the Hamas-ruled territory.

# Science
Scientific American has become a ’scientific sewer’, promoting ideological rubbish on the evolution of male-female differences, claims University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne: But the authors’ defense of their hypothesis is deeply flawed. Here are six reasons:

‘Crime of insincerity’: What happens when researchers publish scientific results they don’t believe in? Researchers tend to get into trouble when their published numbers have been faked, or when their math is incorrect. Other matters of dubious judgment—whether pertaining to a study’s design or its interpretation—would fall under the more permissive auspices of scholarly debate.

# UFO Disclosure / Other
The enigmatic ‘Ancient Alien Library’ concealed beneath the Great Sphinx: This raises questions about the existence of an advanced society or the involvement of extraterrestrials in the creation of this enigmatic library.  Further exploration and research into UFO phenomena may shed light on the true secrets hidden beneath the Great Sphinx

# Water
EPA to strengthen lead protections in drinking water after multiple crises, including Flint: Now the agency is aiming to further reduce lead levels in drinking water and tighten a rule that failed to prevent recent drinking water crises in cities like Flint, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey.

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