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April 9, 2024
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# Borders / Immigration / Migrants
New Mexico becomes latest hotspot for migrant crossings

Joe Biden’s 33,000 secret migrant flights to New York passes buck to city taxpayers: Some 37,000 of New York’s estimated 150,000 migrants, or 25%, were bused from Texas. But there’s another number, comparable to that, that Adams should blame on another politician: Joe Biden.

Housing program for illegal immigrants could affect market: Our country is facing a housing shortage. The cost of renting or purchasing a home is taxing the budgets of middle-class Americans in ways not seen in decades. Press reports point to high mortgage interest rates, supply bottlenecks, labor and materials price inflation and zoning restrictions as proximate causes. But the housing supply is only half the story. Largely missing from the affordability discussion is the impact of immigration policies on housing demand.

# Corporations / Industry
Discount Retailer Is Closing All Its 371 Stores Across the U.S., Liquidating: Discount chain 99 Cents Only Stores is closing all of its 371 stores and liquidating all its merchandise, including fixtures and furnishings, beginning on Monday. The company tapped Hilco Real Estate for the disposition of its leased and owned locations.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Texas Seniors Suddenly Lose Medicare Benefits: Texas Seniors Suddenly Lose Medicare Benefits:
The agency confirmed that 350 seniors had been removed from the state’s Medicare Savings Program, which is estimated to have taken away up to $200 from seniors’ monthly Social Security checks.

‘Our country is broke’; Senate candidate Carolyn Phippen says U.S. can’t afford to help Ukraine or migrants: Phippen said the $100 billion in financial and military aid delivered to Ukraine has left the U.S. less prepared to defend itself and is a bad use of money the country doesn’t have. “We literally are $34.5 trillion in debt, if nobody noticed.”

Biden’s budget is anti-consumer; here’s why: His proposal would do nothing to address the country’s national debt crisis. Biden plans to increase spending by $1.1 trillion, a proportion would be for non-military, discretionary items like expanding the federal child tax credits, tuition reduction, clean energy infrastructure, and biomedical and environmental research. When first proposed, raising the corporate tax rate was estimated to cut America’s Gross Domestic Product by $720 billion over 10 years. It would also reduce workers’ wages and full-time employment opportunities.

# Education / Schools
Congressman: Latest Biden student loan details are a ‘complete scam’: “Complete scam” is a North Carolina congressman’s description of President Joe Biden’s latest details for shifting repayment of student loans from borrowers to taxpayers. Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson wrote, “Joe Biden’s ‘student loan forgiveness’ plan is a complete scam. It forces hardworking Americans like you to bail out those who willingly took on heavy college debt and haven’t paid it off.”

# Employment / Labor
“I owe money for working?” Woman highlights how the US tax system “sounds like a acam”: “Why cant they tell us exactly what our taxes are being used for? like an itemized list, pothole, dronestrike etc.” Tons of politicians rake in major net worths after taking office, and they’re larger than the public salaries they receive from taxpayers. It’s the aforementioned dollar-usurping initiatives implemented by the government and others that have got people thinking that the tax system is largely a scam, something that a TikToker named Kat (@kat71766) called out in a viral clip.

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining
A battle for water rights unfolds in Nevada’s lithium mining area: Nevada’s Clayton Valley hosts the Silver Peak mine, the sole active U.S. lithium extraction site, amidst growing demand for the metal due to the electric vehicle boom. Albemarle, the mining giant, faces competition for water rights in an area where water is already a rare commodity, challenging the sustainability and expansion of lithium mining.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure
Why communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are fighting chemical recycling plants: The industry says chemical recycling could help solve the plastic waste crisis, but some environmental health advocates say chemical recycling facilities worsen climate change and emit toxic chemicals.

Nature Is Behaving Strangely and Scientists Don’t Know Why: Ecological theory and experience tells us that plants on meadows and pastures across Denmark should be dispersing heavier seeds. They are doing the opposite. Nature slowly begins to change if meadows and grasslands are allowed to grow wild without human interference or grazing animals.

Herds of Mysterious ‘Glacier Mice’ Baffle Scientists: These moss balls move in unison, and researchers are okay with not knowing why. Whatever you call them, they’re cute and quite confusing for scientists. Moss balls like these form around an irritant such as a small rock or accumulation of dust, similar to how a pearl forms around a grain of sand in an oyster. Their pillowy bodies are moss, through and through. In 1950, Icelandic researcher Jon Eyþórsson
“I call these mossy balls Jökla-mýs, literally ‘glacier mice,’ and you will have noted that rolling stones can gather moss.”

# General News
Qatar is facing an ongoing blockade. Kushner, meanwhile, has played a key behind-the-scenes role in hardening the U.S. posture toward the nation: Jared Kushner’s real estate company had unsuccessfully sought a critical half-billion-dollar investment from one of the richest and most influential men in the tiny nation, according to three well-placed sources with knowledge of the near transaction.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Russia Runs a Hidden Prison System for Ukrainian Detainees—In Crimea: Human rights monitors claim that occupation forces engage in torture and prolonged captivity in a sprawling penal network.

Another Russian dissident turns up dead in Kremlin custody: The dead man, Alexander Demidenko (61), had been arrested on charges of drinking alcohol in public and charged with a felony for arms trafficking. However, it seems his true crime was helping Ukrainian citizens escape from Russia back to Ukraine.

Tensions Rise as Niger Rejects US Presence, Shifts Towards Russia: What’s Next for US Engagement in Africa? What’s Next for US Engagement in Africa?

Ukrainian NATO membership ‘unacceptable’: Ukrainian accession to NATO would pose a threat to Russia’s national security and is fundamentally unacceptable, Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S., Anatoly Antonov, has said.

# Gov / Politics
The Left’s latest scheme to permanently change elections in America: From noncitizen voting to lawsuits inviting activist judges to rewrite our election laws, left-wing activists are taking every opportunity to change elections permanently for partisan gain. Their latest tactic is to undermine the basic principle of “one person, one vote” with a new scheme called ranked choice voting.

Texas Independence Movement Seeks Breakup of Mexico: A leading Texas nationalist group has warned Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador it will begin actively supporting secessionist movements in his country in response to what it argues is his failure to control illegal migration into the Lone Star State.

No, Texas Can’t Secede, and the Border Fight Is About Politics More Than Policy: First up, a necessary fact check before we go any further: Texas cannot just up and quit the United States. Even so, here we go… Again. Texas Gov. Rick Perry had heads snapping across the country for pushing the idea that his state could secede. “We were a republic. We were a stand-alone nation. And one of the deals was, we can leave any time we want,” Perry wrongly told tech visitors in Austin back in 2009.

Congressional Retirements Cause Chaos for Both Parties: The House continues to hemorrhage membership as it struggles with infighting, dysfunction and a lack of productivity that has infuriated lawmakers in both parties. “The vast majority of members came to make a difference. We understand the utility of posturing and politics for the goal of governing. That’s not what’s going on anymore though. The inmates are running the asylum,” the lawmaker added.

None of This Is Normal: Donald Trump’s 2024 bid is an antidemocratic revenge fantasy being treated like a conventional political campaign. “For hard-working Americans, Nov. 5 will be our new Liberation Day,” Trump said as he headlined this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. “But for the liars, and cheaters, and fraudsters, and censors and imposters who have commandeered our government, it will be their Judgment Day.”

Elon Musk Is Platforming Far-Right Activists in Brazil, Defying Court Order: Experts warn, “They are trying to use Brazil as a laboratory on how to interfere in local politics.” A Brazilian court has announced that it will be opening an investigation into X owner Elon Musk for obstruction of justice, after Musk reactivated far-right accounts that the Brazilian government had flagged for removal

Need more evidence that RFK Junior is working for Trump? No one should doubt that Trump and Trump donors are behind RFK Junior’s campaign, with the goal of siphoning off enough votes from Biden to ensure a Trump victory.

RFK Jr. Will Seek Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is in talks to run on the Libertarian Party presidential ticket, a move that could translate his popularity into becoming a near-guaranteed choice on ballots in all 50 states. The party switch would ease his ballot access hurdles and buttress his campaign with an organized network of supporters.

# Juvenile / Children / Youth
Map Shows 12 States That Allow Child Marriage After Virginia Passes Law: “This is a stunning victory for the nearly 9.2 million girls in the 12 states where we have helped to end child marriage,” Unchained At Last, an organization dedicated to ending forced and child marriages in the U.S., said in a Tuesday statement.

Mississippi’s Withdrawal from Child Food Program Sparks Intense Backlash: As Mississippi’s decision to reject the summer EBT will affect over 324,000 children, people are criticizing Tate Reeve for this act. His remarks have sparked intense backlash, with different scholars and educationists calling it an act of ”cruelty”.

# Law Enforcment / ATF / FBI / CIA
Conservatives Vow Vote Against Reauthorizing FISA Minus Warrant Requirement: Conservative lawmakers are calling for an end to warrantless surveillance of Americans ahead of a House floor vote on Wednesday to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

DEA bust turns up euthanasia drug marketed as heroin: DEA agents recently found 11 pounds of an unusual drug when they busted a cartel-linked illicit drug operation in Texas: The dealers marketed the short-acting barbiturate pentobarbital as heroin, according to a DEA spokesperson. Agents seized other more common illicit drugs in larger quantiles during the multi-year investigation. Among them: 1,212 pounds of meth, 548 pounds of cocaine, 74 pounds of heroin, and 22,600 fentanyl-laced pills. The spokesperson said the seizure of pentobarbital was “uncommon.”

# Legal / DOJ
Trump sues judge in hush money case: Former President Trump sued the New York judge overseeing his hush money case Monday over the gag order he imposed on the former president, an eleventh-hour bid to delay the trial which is scheduled to begin next week. Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order bars Trump from attacking witnesses, prosecutors, court staff and the judge’s family, but doesn’t stop him from hurling insults at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) or the judge himself.

Michigan school shooter’s parents sentenced to 10-15 years in prison: The parents are the first to be convicted over a school shooting after they were found guilty of manslaughter earlier this year. Their sentencing ends one chapter of the emotional, ongoing legal saga that has gripped the exurban Detroit community since 2021 when the Crumbleys’ 15-year-old son brought a gun to school, killing four students and injuring seven others.

# Medical / General News
Abortion in Arizona set to be illegal in nearly all circumstances, state high court rules: The Arizona Supreme Court ruled the state must adhere to a 123-year-old law barring all abortions except in cases when “it is necessary to save” a pregnant person’s life.

# Medical / Science / Technology
Scientists discover highly toxic material in human urine: Endometriosis has no known cause, and the scientists examined whether microplastic levels would correlate with the disease, causing inflammation or leaching chemicals into the body. “This raises important new questions with respect to their transport around the body and how they have traversed, or by-passed, the kidney glomerular filtration system with dimensions that are seemingly an order of magnitude too large to navigate such organs, as well as the potential biological impacts as a result of their presence,” the authors wrote.

Scientists identify concerning reason behind sudden explosion of new health threat in US: ‘Kind of our nightmare scenario’: Scientists say extreme weather linked to climate change is causing a resurgence of a previously rare disease in California called valley fever, which can cause cough, tiredness, and chest pain. About 20% of cases can lead to more serious complications like ulcers, swollen joints, meningitis, and death.

# Military / DOD
NATO helicopters are shooting down and eliminating enemy drones in a rarer kind of Red Sea battle: Victories like these can be more difficult to achieve, given that they require hitting a moving target from another moving target in the air, but they aren’t all that surprising because helicopters are capable assets and the crews likely would have trained for such scenarios in advance, a former US naval aviator told Business Insider.

Japan’s Aegis-equipped vessel marks first space object tracking with SPY-7 radar: Lockheed Martin successfully demonstrated the first live track AN/SPY-7(V)1 radar for the Aegis System Equipped Vessel (ASEV), marking a critical milestone in the program which will serve as the cornerstone for Japan’s national defense.

U.S. Army Moves Closer To Unleashing ‘Dark Eagle’ Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon In Major Test With U.S. Navy: The U.S. Navy is reportedly preparing to test a hypersonic weapon as part of a joint developmental program with the U.S. Army, which aims to unleash the military’s Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) capabilities. “The Army is working closely with the Navy in the development of the LRHW,” according to a recent Congressional Research Service (CRS) report. “LRHW is comprised of the Common Hypersonic Glide Body (C-HGB), and the Navy 34.5-inch booster.”

# Military / Global
Money From Ukraine’s Burisma Used for Terrorist Attacks in Russia – Moscow: Russia’s state investigative committee said on Tuesday that money flowing through Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma had been used to finance “terrorist attacks” and assassinations in Russia and other countries in recent years. Burisma was dissolved last year.

# Social
21 States Where Squatters Can Legally Take Your Property: Squatters can be a nasty surprise for property owners. Imagine leaving your home for a long trip only to find someone else living there legally when you return. It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a real risk in some states due to “squatters’ rights” laws. These allow people staying on property they don’t own to eventually become the rightful owners after meeting certain conditions over several years. Tales of owners losing homes and land to crafty squatters highlight why this issue matters.

Texas homeowner Abram Mendez details squatter experience, ‘We’re in fear’: Texas homeowner Abram Mendez details his experience with a squatter he’s dealing with in his San Antonio home.

‘It’s just been very difficult’; Mississippi widow deemed a squatter, saying she lost her home of nearly 20 years to a deed scam, here’s what happened: A cash-strapped Mississippi widow has been kicked out of her family home after she claims to have been tricked into sharing her deed of trust with a scammer. Marcia Naylor’s husband of 28 years died suddenly two years ago, leaving her to take care of herself and two grandchildren all alone. Struggling to pay her bills on a single income, Naylor took a tip from a family member, who introduced her to a company that claimed they could ease her financial burden.

Florida cracks down on squatters, allowing law enforcement to immediately arrest: Rise in homeowners vs. squatters incidents prompts action from lawmakers. Florida passed a law allowing squatters to be criminally charged. Peeples, 61, filmed a confrontation with the squatters; video shows the occupants of the home striking Peeples and demanding she leave the property. She told “Nightline” that her nightmare got worse after the police said they could not pursue criminal charges against the people who had moved into her residence.

# Space / NASA / UFO Disclosure / Planetary
The Moon ‘turned itself inside out,’ and scientists have just figured out how: The composition of our natural satellite is chemically confusing, new evidence suggests this is because the Moon’s mantle did an incredible inward flip billions of years ago. What was on the surface plunged downwards, and what was underneath emerged on top.

Former US Navy admiral leads search for underwater alien USOs: Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have caused so much concern in recent years that even Nasa launched a lengthy probe to find out what they were. Now some experts believe the hunt should move from the skies to the sea.

Defense specialist encounters unidentified object ‘going faster than the speed of sound underwater’ while doing classified work on the Navy’s USS Hampton submarine: Bob McGwier claims he encountered an unidentified submerged object. The scientist was conducting classified work on the Navy’s USS Hampton, he wasn’t told to keep it quiet and said he was ‘blowing this wide open’

# Technology
Feds ordered Google to unmask certain YouTube users. Critics say It’s ‘terrifying.’: In two court orders, the federal government told Google to turn over information on anyone who viewed multiple YouTube videos and livestreams. “What we watch online can reveal deeply sensitive information about us, our politics, our passions, our religious beliefs, and more,” said senior counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “It’s fair to expect that law enforcement won’t have access to that information without probable cause. This order turns that assumption on its head.”

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