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April 10, 2024
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# Borders / Immigration / Migrants
CBP officers seize stash of 22 weapons, magazines, and ammunition from car trying to cross border: All the firearms, magazines, and ammunition were taken by CBP officers, and the case was referred to Homeland Security Investigations, according to the release.

Coast Guard intercepts 101 US-bound migrants in boats on the high seas, then sends them back home: “The Coast Guard works daily with local, federal and Dominican Republic Navy partners in shared and unwavering resolve to stop unlawful  migration voyages in the Mona Passage,” San Jose Sector Commander Gerard Wenk said in a statement.

Border Patrol agents continuing to apprehend violent criminals, gang members: Recent arrests made in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection El Paso Sector, which includes two west Texas counties and all of New Mexico, include individuals with a long list of violent crimes. Combined, violent criminal histories of those arrested include child molestation, rape of a child, sexual assault of a child, aggravated assault, rape, murder, manufacture/trafficking of firearms and ammunition and theft, among others.

Tucson CBP agents seizing enough fentanyl, meth to kill billions of people: U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in the Tucson Sector of Arizona are seizing enough fentanyl and methamphetamine alone to kill billions of people. In fiscal 2023, Tucson sector agents seized a record 12,700 pounds of fentanyl. So far in fiscal 2024 through March 5, they’ve seized more than 4,700 pounds of fentanyl. The amount combined is enough to kill more than 3.9 billion people.

Joe Biden’s insane asylum policy makes life easier for criminals moment they illegally enter US: This is not the story of an actual migrant, but neither is it a work of pure fiction. It’s the profile of many young migrants, so much so that Bloomberg News recently carried this headline: “Venezuela’s Violent Deaths Fall to 22-Year Low on Migration.”

Migrant Crossings Surge as Suspected Terror-Linked Individuals Released into America under Biden’s Directive: Rising Influx of Migrant Crossings from Terrorism-hit Nations Raises Security Concerns at US Borders

U.S. Latinos fear new mass deportations may target all Hispanics: More than half of U.S. Latino adults worry any new mass deportations would target all Latinos regardless of legal status, a new Axios-Ipsos Latino Poll in partnership with Noticias Telemundo finds. Trump has promised mass deportations if he wins a second term, and past efforts have swept up U.S. citizens, creating generations of trauma.

Biden Hints He’ll Soon Issue Order to Restrict Asylum Seekers From Entering US: Critics have noted that such an order would echo the xenophobic policies of Donald Trump and would likely be illegal.

# Corporations / Industry
Dollar Tree Raises Prices to $7 as Inflationary Pressure Hits Lower-Income Families: Even at a time when shoppers are feeling pinched, Dollar Tree said it’s experimenting with a broader price range. The company said it will introduce products that cost as much as $7 each at its stores this year, according to CEO Richard Dreiling on a Wednesday conference call.

# Employment / Labor
Biden Takes Action to Prevent Potential Trump Purge of the Deep State: “This final rule honors our 2.2 million career civil servants, helping ensure that people are hired and fired based on merit and that they can carry out their duties based on their expertise and not political loyalty,” Kiran Ahuja, the director of the Office of Personnel Management, said in a press release.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure The longest and probably largest proof of our current climate catastrophe ever caught on camera: For nearly an hour and 15 minutes, Balog and his crew stood by and watched as a piece of ice the size of lower Manhattan — but with ice-equivalent buildings that were two to three times taller than that — simply melted away. A representation demonstrating the massive size of ice that broke off into the sea.

In Win for Cancer Alley Residents, EPA Finalizes Rule Targeting Toxic Polluters: However, a Trump electoral victory could threaten the new air pollution standards for 200 hazardous chemical plants. After years of advocacy by environmental justice activists, the Biden administration is finally delivering better protections for fenceline communities impacted by toxic air pollution. The new standards for certain chemical manufacturers are aimed at reducing the number of people put at an elevated risk for cancer.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Technology FDA testing finds percentage of imported honey adulterated with other sweeteners

Truth About What’s Sprayed on Veggies in Grocery Stores Has People Outraged: Many people were upset to learn that additional chemicals may be in the produce they buy from grocery stores.
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# General News
Donald Trump Just Slapped Millions of Americans ‘in the Face’: Mike Pence blasts Donald Trump for saying abortion restrictions should be up to states.

Trump Finally Reveals It: Billionaires Get Tax Cuts, We Get Autocracy: Donald Trump’s comments to wealthy elites show that he’s offering them a corrupt bargain that is likely to end very badly for everyone. Donald Trump’s comments to wealthy elites show that he’s offering them a corrupt bargain that is likely to end very badly for everyone. At a recent fundraiser, Donald Trump promised big tax cuts to some of the richest donors in the country.

Vladimir Putin ‘planning new Soviet Union’ as Russian leader plans next invasion: Over the past year, Vladimir Putin has compared himself to empire-building eighteenth century Russian Czar Peter the Great, and has attempted to annex entire regions of Ukraine while declaring that he is “returning historically Russian lands.”

Trump says Arizona supreme court’s abortion ruling will be ‘straightened out’: Ex-president who boasts about Roe’s fall say matter is ‘about states’ rights’ but concedes revived 160-year-old ban goes too far

Trump’s Bonkers Comments on Jews Need to Be Heard to Be Believed: The self-described pro-Israel presidential nominee attacked Jewish voters. Donald Trump is drawing another line in the sand, this time of the antisemitic variety. According to the GOP presidential nominee, if you’re Jewish, you can’t vote Democrat.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Haiti’s Gangs Try Their Hand at Piracy, Hijacking a Ship Full of Food: On Saturday, Haiti’s National Police stormed the ship in a gunfight that lasted for five hours, the agency said. Two officers were injured in the altercation and an unspecified number of gang members were killed, and the vessel was safely recovered. Haiti’s National Port Authority assisted with transport for the boarding teams.

Israel preparing for offensive into Rafah despite international opposition, AP explains

# Gov / Politics
Voters agree: Illegal immigration is Biden’s secret to ‘permanent majority’: In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets, 57% said the president’s goal is to let in enough supporters to keep the Democrats in power for decades, should they get the right to vote or have children who are automatic U.S. citizens.

What on earth is Joe Biden thinking? As the country erupts over the horrorshow at the southern border, the White House is doing battle, not with the armed gangs infiltrating our country or the tens of thousands of people illegally streaming across our border, but with the governor of Texas, who is trying to protect his citizens from the unruly horde.

Biden says he’s not sure he can shut down the border: ‘We’re examining whether or not I have that power’

In Wisconsin, Joe Biden Can’t Escape the War in Gaza: Demonstrators railed against Biden’s Israel policies as he unveiled his new student debt relief plan. Party members in key swing states say they won’t re-elect a president who enables the continued Israeli bombardment

Jon Stewart Bashes Biden’s Response to Israel in Gaza War: “They Slap America in the Face”: “Every time America tells the world that there’s something we won’t allow, Israel seems to say, ‘Challenge accepted.’”

US arms Ukraine with thousands of seized Iranian guns, rifles and munitions: The weapons were intercepted between 2021 and 2023 en route to Houthi forces in Yemen.

Congressman Andrew May Caused the Death of 800 Submarine Crewmen During WWII: Lockwood, commander of the U.S. submarine fleet in the Pacific, estimated that May’s security breach cost the United States Navy as many as 10 submarines and 800 crewmen killed in action.

US ‘Breaking Apart’ With 25 States ‘Ready’ to Leave: Texas Secessionist: A leading Texas independence campaigner has said the United States is “breaking apart,” with over 50 percent of the population in 25 states ready to secede based on his interpretation of two recent surveys by the polling company YouGov.

‘Do the Right Thing,’ Say Assange Defenders as Biden Mulls Dropping Case: “This would be the best decision Biden ever made,” said one supporter of the jailed WikiLeaks publisher. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who has long expressed opposition to the Wikileaks founder’s detention, in February backed a parliamentary motion calling for the return of Assange, an Australian citizen, to Australia.

# Law Enforcment / ATF / FBI / CIA
WOAH! You can now be arrested in Texas for open carry of firearms: HB 1927 went into effect in 2021, permits Texans to carry firearms without a license or authorization. Before this modification, carrying a firearm in public or hidden must be licensed in Texas. Even with the open carry laws, you can be arrested for open carry of firearms.

# Legal / DOJ
The Arizona Supreme Court Dragged the State Back to 1864: Conservative justices on an expanded court revived a draconian abortion ban that predates statehood—and sets the table for further chaos.

Prosecutor tells U.S. Supreme Court to reject Trump’s immunity claim: Special counsel Jack Smith’s team urged the Supreme Court on Monday night to reject former President Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from prosecution in a case charging him with scheming to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Appeals court rejects Donald Trump’s latest attempt to delay April 15 hush money criminal trial: A New York appeals court judge Tuesday rejected Donald Trump’s latest attempt to delay his hush money criminal trial, taking just 12 minutes to swat aside an argument that it should be postponed while the former president fights a gag order.

# Medical / General News
More than 100 US deaths linked to Ozempic and similar weight loss drugs – including 28-year-old who died from ‘intestinal mass’ and a pregnant woman, our analysis shows

# Military / DOD
US Navy to Test Onboard Microwave Weapon in 2026: A stated goal is to deliver a shipboard weapon prototype for integration in fiscal 2026 as well as a test bed for continued technology maturation and evaluation.

# Security
House Judiciary Committee Applauds Bipartisan Passage of H.R. 6570, the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act: The bipartisan bill reauthorizes Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) for three years with significant reforms, requires all intelligence agencies and the FBI to obtain a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) before conducting any query of a U.S. person

# Social
How to fortify your home defenses as squatters wreak havoc across America: Raleigh Realty owner Ryan Fitzgerald told Fox News Digital the alarming trend of squatters occupying vacant properties “poses a real risk to homeowners.”

Senate passes tenants’ rights legislation; GOP senator fixates on ‘squatters’: Sen. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, offered an amendment to strengthen property owners’ protections against squatters — people living in a home without the owners’ knowledge or permission — which has become a talking point in right-wing media in recent weeks.

# Space / NASA / UFO Disclosure / Planetary All eyes on the moon: Space agencies around the world are focused on the south pole of the Moon, but these astronomers have set their eyes on the far side: The Moon race is officially in full swing with Japan, India, China, and even a private corporation making their marks on the surface. The calendar is packed with a slew of planned missions in the coming months and years to set the stage for a more sustained presence on the lunar surface.

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