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April 11, 2024
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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Recalls
What in the world is this creature

This Creature Might Be The Strangest Living Thing On Our Planet And Yes, It’s Real

# Borders / Immigration / Migrants
Iowa governor signs bill that would make it a crime for some undocumented migrants to be in the state: Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law Wednesday that makes it a crime to be in the state after being deported, denied admission to the United States, or have an outstanding deportation order.

Illegal immigrants want to invade and occupy your home: Squatting is going to become one of the major issues of the next few months. Squatting occurs when people move into a building that is empty and take it over. They used to be called squatters. Although the requirements for squatters to claim legal ownership of a home are highly prohibitive, their rights to seek temporary refuge in an unoccupied home are generally more protected.

3 reasons Biden won’t close the border: Abdication of responsibility on the border has become a top political headache for Biden, and yet — other than blaming Republicans for not passing an immigration law that he dishonestly claims would have solved the problem — the president has been unmovable.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
From ‘conspiracy theory’ to ‘cover-up’? Agencies hid 2018 pitch to fund chimeric coronavirus: “At a minimum, everyone associated with the DEFUSE proposal should be permanently debarred from receiving future federal funding,” Rutgers University biosafety advocate says after Senator Paul’s latest revelations.

Paul says has ‘smoking gun’ tying fed agencies, Fauci to research plan to create COVID-type virus: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday appeared on FOX News Channel’s ‘America Reports’ to discuss new discoveries in his congressional investigation into the origins of COVID-19 that tie Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIH to the gain-of-function research that led to the virus.

# Education / Schools
Amid Gaza War, College Campuses Become Free Speech ‘Testing Ground’: Protests at universities are now being met with a wave of censorship and suppression, targeting students most directly.

# Employment / Labor
Biden wants to follow foolish California and ban freelancing, putting millions out of work: The Labor Department just imposed 300 pages of new regulations to reclassify many individual contractors as payroll employees. CNBC claims this could help freelancers “recover lost wages.” That’s just nonsense.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure Biden Plans Sweeping Effort to Block Arctic Oil Drilling: The US set aside 23 million acres of Alaska’s North Slope to serve as an emergency oil supply a century ago. Now, President Joe Biden is moving to block oil and gas development across roughly half of it.

# Food Recalls / Alerts
ALERT: Lunchables In Texas May Contain High Amount Of Lead: Testing On Lunchables In Stores Reveals Even More Issues. Of the 12 tests, the results showed that seven had lead and cadmium that were very high. In addition, 11 of them were found to have phthalates, which has ties to certain cancers, diabetes, and reproductive problems.

# General News
Biden administration moves to force thousands more gun dealers to run background checks: Thousands of firearms dealers across the U.S. will to run background checks on buyers when selling at gun shows or other places outside brick-and-mortar stores, according to a Biden administration rule that will soon go into effect.

# Gov / Politics / Global
Biden Administration Fears Iran Might Target U.S. Forces Over Israel Strike: Iran conveyed to the Biden administration that if it involved itself in defending Israel were Tehran to undertake a retaliatory strike, it would consider the United States a viable target as well. The issue was discussed at a Tuesday NSC meeting, according to notes reviewed by The Intercept. (The NSC did not respond to a request for comment.)

How Iran Is Causing Chaos Beyond Just Israel and Palestine: In reality, Tehran is deploying what experts call its “proxy fleet-in-being,” an old tactic used by weaker navies against mightier ones. Iran deploys the proxy fleet to dominate what it imagines as the “Wider Persian Gulf,” an area that—in addition to its Gulf coast—includes the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Tehran’s domination necessitates the ejection of America and the weakening, or even annihilation, of Israel.

# Gov / Politics
Election Workers Are Already Burned Out, and on High Alert: Poll of Local Election Officials Finds Safety Fears for Colleagues, and Themselves. Violent threats, rampant disinformation, budget shortfalls, and mass resignations: Election workers have a long road to November.

In About 95% of Statewide Races Called So Far, Election Denialism Failed to Gain New Ground: In Races Called as of 1 p.m. ET, Only 5 Non-Incumbent Election Deniers Have Won Statewide Office in 94 Total Races; 9 Incumbent Election Deniers Have Won

Election Deniers Aren’t Waiting for November: A toxic mix of disinformation, digital tools, and generative AI is challenging election officials across the country. Since 2020, Donald Trump and his devotees have sown doubt over election results and spread dozens of election conspiracies. Some of these election deniers have become elected officials themselves, serving as governors and US senators.

Arizona’s abortion ban, a political nightmare for Republicans in the 2024 election: But today, after a string of electoral losses, stories of women being denied abortions and polls that confirm abortion bans remain wildly unpopular, the political calculus has changed.

RFK Jr.’s adviser has frightening ties to Trump world: His adviser Rita Palma’s anti-Biden stances are starting to make more sense. The campaign attempted in recent days, to distance itself from its New York state director, Rita Palma, since she claimed the campaign’s real goal was to act as a spoiler to President Joe Biden.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida To Address Congress Amid Skepticism About US Role Abroad:  Kishida was in Washington this week visiting President Joe Biden as the White House completed hosting each leader of the Quad — an informal partnership between the US Japan, Australia and India that is seen as important to countering China’s growing military strength in the region.

Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab: Former President Trump’s allies are pre-screening the ideologies of thousands of potential foot soldiers, as part of an unprecedented operation to centralize and expand his power at every level of the U.S. government if he wins in 2024, officials involved in the effort tell Axios.

Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump’s inaction on Jan. 6: Aides allegedly said Trump was “not interested” in doing more to stop the riot. Special counsel Jack Smith’s team has uncovered previously undisclosed details about former President Donald Trump’s refusal to help stop the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol three years ago as he sat watching TV inside the White House, according to sources familiar with what Smith’s team has learned during its Jan. 6 probe.

Trump on Trial: A Model Prosecution Memo for Federal Election Interference Crimes. Our memo follows a common DOJ practice. Prior to indicting a case, federal prosecutors prepare a pros memo that lays out admissible evidence, possible charges, and legal issues.

Trump’s cruelties, collusions, and crimes: This election year, amid a harrowing global health, civil rights, humanitarian, and economic crisis, we know it’s never been more critical to note these horrors, to remember them, and to do all in our power to reverse them.

Truth Social Losses Deal Humiliating Blow to Trump’s Biggest Brag: Donald Trump has been kicked off an index of global billionaires: The blow comes just days after the price of Trump Media stock plummeted and two main investors behind the merger between Trump Media and Technology, the parent company of Truth Social, and Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a shell company, were charged with insider trading.

Trump’s abortion statement angers conservatives and gives the Biden campaign a new target: Donald Trump still says he’s proud that the Supreme Court justices he nominated overturned Roe v. Wade. Yet he again on Monday avoided tough questions about abortion, including whether he would support a national abortion ban should he return to the White House.

Donald Trump Is an Anti-Abortion Extremist: He’s trying to evade responsibility for deeply unpopular abortion bans around the country—and he’s lying when he says he wouldn’t sign a national ban as president.

The Left’s latest scheme to change elections permanently in America: Imagine a Super Bowl referee bending the rules to give his favorite team the win. That is precisely what the Left wants to do to America’s elections. From noncitizen voting to lawsuits inviting activist judges to rewrite our election laws, left-wing activists are taking every opportunity to change elections permanently for partisan gain. Their latest tactic is to undermine the basic principle of “one person, one vote” with a new scheme called ranked choice voting.

# Law Enforcment / ATF / FBI / CIA
Video: FBI exposed for Jan 6 involvement by CIA officer: In a new video recorded by an undercover journalist from Sound Investigations, Gavin O’Blennis claimed to be a contracting officer for the CIA who formerly worked for the FBI. The government officer was secretly recorded telling the undercover journalist that approximately 20 undercover FBI agents were located throughout the crowd during the January 6 protest on Capitol Hill.

Long Island politician plans to deputize armed civilians: Nassau County Republicans want an armed civilian militia. They’re not alone. Despite facing backlash from civil rights activists and Democratic lawmakers, Republicans in conservative-leaning Nassau County, New York, are moving forward with a plan to form an armed, civilian militia that the local government could operate as a de facto police force during “emergencies.”

Trump Loyalists Kill Vote on US Wiretap Program: Although the government says it only “targets” foreigners, it has acknowledged collecting a large amount of US communications in the process. (The actual amount, it says, is impossible to calculate.) Nevertheless, it claims that once those communications are in the government’s possession, it is constitutional for federal agents to review those wiretaps without a warrant.

Multiple wounded after mass shooting at Philadelphia Ramadan event: Over 1,000 people, including families with children, are believed to have been at the outdoor event to celebrate Eid, an Islamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

# Legal / DOJ
The Hacking Lawsuit Looming Over Truth Social: The founding CEO of DWAC has accused his former assistant of hacking into his accounts as part of a “coup d’état,” the latest legal mess for Truth Social.

Explaining the Trump immunity case at the Supreme Court: On April 25, 2024, Supreme Court will consider former President Donald Trump’s claims of immunity from conspiracy and obstruction charges related to the 2020 presidential election. A breakdown of the second high-profile case involving Trump at Court this year.

The Insignificance of Trump’s “Immunity From Prosecution” Argument: If and when the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, the stakes will be far less momentous than many observers might assume, because the answer to the immunity question matters very little for Trump’s prosecution.

Special counsel pushes Supreme Court to reject Trump’s bid for sweeping immunity in 2020 election case: “No presidential power at issue in this case entitles the president to claim immunity from the general federal criminal prohibitions supporting the charges: fraud against the United States, obstruction of official proceedings, and denial of the right to vote,” they wrote. “The president’s constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed does not entail a general right to violate them.”

# Media
The Trump donor whom Biden can’t fire is running the U.S. Postal Service directly into the ground, what everyone warned about when he was confirmed during the pandemic. USPS announced a proposed 8% price hike for stamps, bringing the cost of first-class mail forever stamp to $0.73. It’s another sign of the unfavorable leadership of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, appointed by former President Donald Trump.

# Medical / General News
More Health Systems Likely to Drop Out of Medicare Advantage, Analyst Predicts, Claims denials, prior authorizations are just some of the reasons https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/nearly-half-of-health-systems-are-considering-dropping-ma-plans.html__;!!On18fmf1aQ!wOqwL8zSsULBBR8W7N5v5ffx5q1nN-tDFJlQWIVjmyOLZQwBld2HGp3oyrSROg9jbXgf_JesS5PVLZpCYxMrQyytTqU__kth$

# Military / Global
NATO jets scrambled after Russia launches devastating aerial attack on Ukraine: NATO aircraft were scrambled after Russia launched large-scale missile strikes on Ukraine overnight on Thursday. Poland’s military announced that “intense long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation is being observed, related to missile strikes” in Ukraine.

# Social
Bernie Sanders and AOC propose sweeping new housing legislation that would affect millions of Americans: ‘That is a win, win, win situation’: The Green New Deal for Public Housing aims to transform the nation’s public housing units into eco-friendly, affordable homes while creating well-paying jobs in the process.

Squatters have more rights than property owners: NY State Sen. Mario Mattera: To combat the ongoing and pernicious practice of squatting in New York State, Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) has introduced a groundbreaking set of bills aimed at protecting legal homeowners. This package represents one of the most aggressive efforts to address the disregard for property owners frequently highlighted in media stories.

# Space / NASA / UFO Disclosure / Planetary Superfast drone fitted with new ‘rotating detonation rocket engine’ approaches the speed of sound: Venus Aerospace has completed the inaugural test flight of a drone fitted with its “rotating detonation rocket engine” (RDRE) accelerating it to just under the speed of sound. The company wants to one day build superfast commercial jets using this new type of engine.

# Technology
Eric Schmidt warned against China’s AI industry. Emails show he also sought connections to it: Transparency advocates say that Eric Schmidt’s pursuit of ‘personal’ connections with AI companies in China represents a concerning conflict of interest.

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