Voices, The Peoples News No. 2024-05-21

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May 21, 2024
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# Animals / Pets / Alerts / Recalls
On May 17, 2024, Mars Petcare US voluntarily recalled 315 bags of their Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food 44lb Bag Size (Lot Code 410B2TXT02). The products affected were sold by Walmart in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

# Archaeology / Anthropology
Archaeologists Found 23,000-Year-Old Footprints That Rewrite the Story of Humans in America. New Mexico’s ancient sands reveal the oldest-known traces of early inhabitants. Studying preserved footprints in New Mexico continues to provide insight into the first human movements in North America.

# Borders / Immigration
Feds warn Oklahoma officials not to enforce immigration law, threaten lawsuit: In a letter released Monday, the Department of Justice said the measure is preempted by federal law and interferes with the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws. The agency’s letter said the measure is similar to a Texas law, Senate Bill 4, which has been put on hold by federal courts.

As Abbott Promises More Migrants, Weary New Yorkers Ask, “Where And Why?”: Abbott emphasized the overwhelming number of migrants illegally entering the U.S. at his state’s border last year, when he began sending migrants north to sanctuary cities like the Big Apple. Now, one year later

# Corporations / Industry
Red Lobster officially filed for bankruptcy on Monday, and though it wasn’t because of their Endless Shrimp promotion, that stunt did lead to tremendous losses for the chain. Beyond being bad for business, Luke Winkie explains how Endless Shrimp was horrible for employees.

# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Biden Administration strips federal funding from nonprofit at center of COVID lab leak controversy: HHS said that EcoHealth had failed to properly monitor the work it was supporting at Wuhan. It also failed to properly report on the results of experiments showing that the hybrid viruses it was creating there had an improved ability to infect human cells.

# Economy / Finance / Trade / Banks
Trump’s new trade war would cost middle-class families at least $1,700 a year, report warns: That’s nearly five times the total cost as a share of GDP from the 2018-2019 US-China trade war. Trump’s tariff proposals would cost the typical middle-income household at least $1,700 a year, the researchers found.

# Education / Schools
They thought graduation was near. Instead, several immigrant students were pressured to transfer: According to interviews with the families of six immigrant students from CASA — all seniors who had recently failed the ELA Regents exam, according to families and staffers — Wauchope recently told their children they would not graduate if they remained at CASA and counseled them to transfer immediately.

Machine Learning Researcher Links OpenAI to Drug-Fueled Sex Parties: “I wish I could say more, but probably shouldn’t.” “The thing about being active in the hacker house scene is you are accidentally signing up for a career as a shadow politician in the Silicon Valley startup scene,” begins the lengthy X-formerly-Twitter post by Sonia Joseph, a former Princeton ML researcher who’s now affiliated with the deep learning institute Mila Quebec.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure
Researchers studying ‘doomsday glacier’ make worrying discovery: Antarctica’s “doomsday glacier,” referred to as such for its potential to dramatically raise global sea levels, is melting faster than we thought thanks to warmer sea water passing below it, according to a new study.

# Environment / Climate / Chemicals / Infrastructure / Global
‘Doomsday glacier’ is more vulnerable than scientists thought: Like the name implies, melting of the world’s widest glacier will have a big impact, amplifying far-reaching sea level rise to coastal areas as distant as Florida.

Panic in Naples as earthquake strikes active volcano: The quake had an epicenter at the active volcano west of the southern Italian port city that forced hundreds of residents to sleep in tents or cars

# Food / Farming / Bioengineering
U.S. Regulators Allow Pesticide Developed for Chemical Warfare for Crop Use: This once-banned poison is currently being sprayed on US crops. Its alarming side effects might have you reconsidering the food you purchase. Watch a video from May 15 to see how this neurotoxic insecticide made it into our food supply again.

The US food industry has long buried the truth about their products. Is that coming to an end? The FDA is developing front-of-package labels that corporations may have to start printing as early as 2027

# General News
‘Most ruthless’ Mexican cartels operate in all 50 states has led to ‘worst drug crisis in US history’: The Jalisco and Sinaloa cartels have flooded major U.S. cities with meth and fentanyl and use violence to protect their turf, the report found. 200 U.S. fentanyl deaths reported daily. Cartels use violence, bribery to drive trafficking. U.S. officials are ‘overwhelmed’ by drug crisis

Donald Trump’s Truth Social says his victory will bring ‘unified Reich’ amid fears of ‘dictator rule’: Former President Donald Trump on Monday posted a video on his social media platform that uses a language that appears to mirror that of Nazi Germany, suggesting there will be a “Unified Reich” if he wins the 2024 election.

Jordan Klepper Pinpoints Exact Moment Trump’s MAGA Base Went All In On Russia: Republicans are openly “just celebrating” Putin. It’s “a real shift” in the GOP, he said.

After almost a decade of Trump, America is tired. And scared: It seems hard to believe, but there was a time when we Americans could go days, or even weeks, without hearing about Donald Trump. That ended nearly a decade ago, when Trump decided he wanted to be president. Now, he is a constant presence on the evening news and in the morning newspaper. He ensures it by manufacturing turmoil, threats and constant controversy.

We Germans are making Trump ‘thunderstorm’ plans

Trump considers biggest fascist Possible for Attorney General pick: Donald Trump says he’d consider current Texas attorney general Ken Paxton for his own U.S. attorney general if he retakes the White House.

Trump said he is going to bomb the shit out of them he don’t care: The Recent History of Bombing the Shit Out of ’Em. Last October, in Iraq, I stumbled across the aftermath of a coalition strike that killed nineteen allies. The frequency of such incidents shows that Trump’s bombing strategy is nothing new.

# Gov / Politics / Global
The Middle East is roiling — the death of Iran’s president could push it over the edge: Although in Iran, the president does not have as much power as the supreme leader, Raisi’s death comes at a sensitive time in Iran’s domestic situation and the Middle East region overall. Everyone is on edge right now in Rafah; Iranian proxies in Lebanon are engaged in border skirmishes with Israel in the north; and Houthi rebels are still attacking ships in the Mediterranean.

# Gov / Politics
‘What’s happening is not genocide’: Biden criticizes ICC for seeking arrest warrants for Israeli officials – as it happened: He doubled down in his support for Israel over the war in Gaza during a speech in the White House Rose Garden, saying: “What’s happening is not genocide. We reject that.”

Judge Rules ‘Honorary’ KKK Member Can Remain In Missouri Governor Race As GOP’s Klan Problems Continue: The Missouri GOP attempted to kick Darrell McClanahan out from participating in the August Republican primary, but Cole County Circuit Court Judge Cotton Walker denied the request

Biden says make a deal with Hamas and live with it

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry Doesn’t Want to Help Military Families, Again: While expressing his opposition to a bill that would help working military spouses who have to relocate, he said if service members don’t like it they can become “insurance salesmen” or “clean pools.”

U.S. Sen. Katie Britt introduces bill to end a state’s Medicaid funding if it blocks IVF: Sens. Katie Britt of Alabama and Ted Cruz of Texas introduced a three-page bill on Monday that would cut off a state’s Medicaid funding if that state were to bar in vitro fertilization.

# Legal / DOJ
Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached, suspended from duties; will face Senate trial: The House voted 121-23 to suspend the attorney general and refer him to the Senate for trial on charges of bribery, abuse of office and obstruction. It was the first such impeachment since 1975.

A cadre of MAGA loyalists who had gathered to show their support for Donald Trump during his hush-money trial was shouted down by a bevy of cowbell-clanging anti-Trump protesters on Monday when they tried to speak outside a lower Manhattan courthouse.

Trump Makes Big Slip-Up in Rambling Rant Outside of Hush-Money Trial: Speaking before his hush-money trial, Trump told a crowd of reporters and onlookers about how a payment to his former fixer and attorney was “marked down in the book as a legal expense.” “I had nothing to do with it. A bookkeeper put it down as a legal expense,” Trump said, before seeming to contradict himself. “This is why I’m here, because we called it a legal expense, a payment to a lawyer.”

Trump trial live: Hush money judge clears the courtroom after defense witness ‘stares him down’: Andrew Weissmann, former top prosecutor at the Justice Department, Susanne Craig, New York Times Investigative Reporter, Donny Deutsch, host of the podcast, “On Brand,” and Vaughn Hillyard, NBC News Correspondent join Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House with reaction to the latest from the Manhattan courtroom, with defense witness Robert Costello picking a fight with Judge Merchan forcing the judge to clear the courtroom.

Prosecutors rest their case against Trump in hush money trial: The first-ever trial of a former President was one step closer to a conclusion after prosecutors concluded their case Monday. Next up: Trump’s attorneys will get a chance to present their defense.

# Media
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange wins bid to appeal extradition to US: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been given permission to have a full appeal over his extradition to the United States after arguing at London’s High Court that he might not be able to rely on his right to free speech at a US trial.

# Medical / General News
Nevada pushes for abortion rights as coalition submits over 200,000 signatures for ballot measure: This effort, spearheaded by Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom, underscores a critical moment in the ongoing national debate over abortion.

Trump Insists He’ll ‘NEVER’ Restrict Birth Control — Hours After Suggesting He Would Do Just That: Former President Donald Trump pushed back hard on reports that he was considering restrictions on birth control following Tuesday morning comments made by … Trump.

Anchor Taken Aback When Trump Says ‘We’re Looking At’ Contraceptive Bans, Promises ‘Smart’ Policy Very Soon: Trump has been straddling a tricky line on abortion by taking credit for ending Roe v. Wade while avoiding questions about national bans using “states’ rights” as a catch-all dodge.

They made fatal decisions and shredded evidence. Those behind the contaminated blood scandal must face justice: Governments are primarily to blame for the “catalogue” of “systemic, collective and individual failures” that allowed the infected blood scandal to happen, though “others share some of it”, the chair of the inquiry, Brian Langstaff, writes.

Pfizer agrees to settle over 10K lawsuits linking Zantac to cancer: By 1988, it was the world’s best selling drug as patients reported benefits for conditions such as heartburn, ulcers and acid reflux. In 2020, the Food and Drug Administration asked drugmakers to pull Zantac and its generic versions off the market after a cancer-causing substance called NDMA was found in samples of the drug.

Infected blood scandal: ‘I contracted HIV at just 11 and saw 80 of my school friends die’: Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (21 May), Mr Warwick revealed that 80 of the 122 pupils in his school year died as a result of being given infected blood.

# Medical / Science / Technology
85% of Neuralink implant wires are already detached, says patient: Neuralink has gotten the FDA go-ahead for a second implant, The Wall Street Journal reports. This time, it’s implanting the wires a few millimeters deeper to prevent retraction, the report says. Neuralink’s first patient lost some function in his device but said it had since greatly improved. Neuralink has apparently gotten the go-ahead to implant its device into a second patient — and settled on a fix for the error that plagued its inaugural trial.

# Military / DOD / Nuclear
US Navy warships in the Red Sea are fighting off missiles new to combat that are ‘way faster’ than anything else, destroyer captain says: US Navy warships in the Middle East have been facing off against anti-ship ballistic missiles. The Houthis introduced these missiles into combat for the first time in late 2023.

15 Military Aircraft That Are On Another Level of Dangerous:  The first military aircraft was the 1909 Wright Military Flyer, which was purchased by the United States Army for $30,000. Over the years, the rapid development of fighter planes and bombers ensued, with the early days of military aircraft laying the foundation for the future of aerial combat.

# NASA / Space / UFO Disclosure / Planetary
Something strange is happening with Earth’s magnetic field tail: For the past several years, scientists have known of a mystery in the magnetotail: a missing storm. They have found a signature of a storm, but no storm to actually go along with it. NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission is now on the case.

Blue Origin Astronauts Trapped by Foliage After Capsule Touchdown: Two staffers brought along a blue metal two-step ladder for the crew members to use to disembark, but it took several long minutes for the team to kick back the shrubs surrounding the vessel and position the ladder on the uneven ground.

# Sports
Florida Police Officer Lays Out Ex-Red Sox Pitcher Trying To Meet Up With Underaged Girl: Among those arrested was Maddox, a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox who also played baseball at the University of Florida. Maddox, per an arrest report, started communicating with the undercover agent, posing as an underage girl, on April 28.

# Technology
“This is on me and one of the few times I’ve been genuinely embarrassed running OpenAI.” Open AI CEO Sam Altman. Sam Altman Clearly Freaked Out by Reaction to News of OpenAI Silencing Former Employees

Godfather of AI: Experts Agree AI Will Soon Exceed Human Intelligence: In an interview with the BBC’s Newsnight program, Hinton claimed that the idea of AI surpassing human intelligence as an inevitability is in fact the consensus of leaders in the field. “Very few of the experts are in doubt about that,” Hinton told the BBC.

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