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# Covid / Pandemics / Biologicals
Dr. Peter Hotez Is Consistently Wrong and Dangerous: Dr. Peter Hotez’s battle against the ‘anti-science confederacy’ is a lifetime in the making. Academics usually speak in nuanced shades of gray, but Hotez called, full-throated, for measures that would cut the COVID death rate. It’s time, he asserted, for scientists to take a stand. “Our messages too often are messages in bottles floating in an ocean of disinformation,” he wrote. “We need to address the ocean.”

CDC told Big Tech to censor COVID claims now debated by mainstream scientists, documents show: The newly revealed scope of collaboration between the feds and Big Tech in stamping out purported COVID-19 misinformation and promoting government narratives has opened a new chapter in constitutional challenges to state-influenced censorship by private actors. New FOIA docs give boost to legal challenges to federal involvement in social media content moderation.

BART board votes to reinstate mask mandate effective immediately until Oct. 1: The BART Board of Directors has voted to reinstate the mask mandate on trains and at stations effective immediately until Oct. 1 unless further extended by the board. The temporary amendment requires riders to wear facemasks that fully cover their nose and mouth.

Neurological Long Covid as SARS-2 Bio-Weapon! ’27 millions infected without smell and taste’. The study takes on an even more alarming value when it highlights the risks associated with these consequences of SARS-Cov-2 infection. Smell and taste dysfunctions might also be associated with depressive symptoms, malnutrition, cognitive decline, and mortality.

SARS-COV-2 kills like snake poison: Ineffective vaccines. Revolutionary Studies on Lethal Toxins in Intestinal Bacteria. Long-Covid is hidden there. The sensational research of Italian scientists confirmed by the USA The virus is bacteriophage and hides in the intestinal bacterial flora. From there it causes lasting disturbances even after recovery from Covid-19. It can be eliminated with antibiotics. The current vaccines are “insufficient”

# Economy / Finance / Trade
Recession denial by White House and Federal Reserve will plunge America into stagflation: This inflationary period has been caused by excessive money printing at the hands of the Fed and substantial government spending throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than any sort of natural phenomenon. So, because Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell does not personally believe the numbers right before his eyes, the U.S. central bank has continued down the path of dropping napalm on economic production. I am reminded of George Orwell’s 1984, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

# Employment / Labor
GOP Introduces Bill That Makes It Easier to Fire Workers at Federal Agencies: One policy expert described the bill as part of “an effort to gear up a major assault on the federal employment system.”

# Energy / Pipelines / Mining / Chemical Consumers have experienced a lot of pain at the pump recently, with gas prices soaring to over $5 a gallon in some areas. While those prices are starting to come down, a different financial crunch may be waiting for anyone looking to fill up: Gas Stations Can Now Put a $175 Hold on Your Credit or Debit Card, Here’s How to Avoid It

# Environment / Climate / Interior / Infrastructure A Controversial Ruling Puts Maryland’s Utility Companies In Charge Of Billions in Federal Funds: Critics say the decision, by Maryland’s Public Service Commission, allows utilities to access billions of dollars under the federal Infrastructure Development and Jobs Act without any public oversight or input.

How forests lost 8,000 years of stored carbon in a few generations – animated maps reveal climate lessons for tree-planting projects today: The Midwest had a lot of trees, but just a few species were responsible for the bulk of the carbon storage.

Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change: Massive amounts of methane are venting into the atmosphere from oil and gas operations across the Permian, a 250-mile-wide bone-dry expanse along the Texas-New Mexico border that a billion years ago was the bottom of a shallow sea. Hundreds of those sites were seen spewing the gas over and over again. Ongoing leaks, gushers, going unfixed.

# Environment / Climate / Global
Brazil grants permit to pave highway through heart of Amazon forest: Brazil’s environmental authority on Thursday granted an initial permit that will allow a major highway to be paved through the center of the Amazon rainforest, the minister of infrastructure said, in a move that threatens to increase deforestation.

# Food / Farming / GMOs / Chemicals / Other Mark Rutte Calls Farmer Protests “small” and “unacceptable”: “The protests by a small group of farmers on highways yesterday and this morning are unacceptable. Willfully endangering others, damaging our infrastructure and threatening people who help clean up is beyond all limits. Report a threat,” Rutte wrote in a tweet. [translated from Dutch]

FDA releases updates to Cyclospora action plan: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released new updates detailing the agency’s Cyclospora prevention and research efforts.

# Gov / Politics / Global
NATO’s arsonist-in-chief Jens Stoltenberg wants the Western public to pay for a Ukrainian fire he helped to ignite. EU members should ‘stop complaining’ and ‘pay the price’ for the Russia-Ukraine conflict, says leader of the bloc which started it all. The coup in question was made possible only with the involvement of radical Ukrainian right-wing nationalists whose lineage can be traced back to Nazi Germany and, post-World War Two, covert CIA backing which lasted from 1945 through the present.

# Gov / Politics / US
Did Manchin and Schumer Just Play Mitch McConnell? On Wednesday night, the Senate passed the CHIPS Act by a 64-33 vote. Shortly afterward, Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that an agreement has been reached on the major energy and health care bill.

When Antiabortion Ideology Turns into Foreign Policy: How the Global Gag Rule Erodes Health, Ethics and Democracy: This ideologically driven policy undermines the very goals of U.S. foreign aid programs by harming the health of people in poor countries, violating medical ethics and trampling on democratic values.

GOP Officials in at Least 3 States Have Refused to Certify Primary Results: The officials in New Mexico, Nevada and Pennsylvania have echoed Trump’s lies about voter fraud on the campaign trail.

Right-Wing Groups Are Turning Election Denialism Into an Organized Force: The effort is an extraordin­ary invest­ment in bolster­ing the false narrat­ive of wide­spread voter fraud.

Joe Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates while vice president: Records show Joe Biden met with his son’s business associates from the U.S., Mexico, Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan during his vice presidency, according to Fox News. The president has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of his son’s “overseas business dealings.”
Joe Biden has repeatedly denied discussing business with his son https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.nationalreview.com/news/at-least-14-of-hunter-bidens-business-associates-met-with-joe-biden-despite-presidents-denial/__;!!On18fmf1aQ!zS1wdZbln7Pi7RWwf0S1LUppUnOT6HjZGex3n3NlahLwOdswMssVOgJYUcksjZ7qV8tOAeD0meCEYj9WNoKeYcqx57zgqw8P$

Washington DC, July 29, 2022, 6:39 PM. The U.S. House passes HR 1808, The Assault Weapons Ban, 2022: This bill makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD).

# Law Enforcement
Body-cam footage released in death of woman who fell from patrol car. The woman’s family is demanding answers in her death. While being transported to the sheriff’s office, Grier fell out of a patrol car and sustained “significant injuries,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which is investigating the death, said in a statement. Grier suffered brain trauma and was in a coma before she died on July 21, according to Crump.

# Medical / Health
Nursing Homes Are Suing the Friends and Family of Residents to Collect
Debts: The nursing home industry has developed a strategy of pursuing grandchildren, neighbors and others to collect on debt. The practice has ensnared scores of children, grandchildren, neighbors, and others, many with nearly no financial ties to residents or legal responsibility for their debts.

People Are Dying in the Global South Because of Anti-Abortion Limits on U.S. Aid: U.S. aid still can’t be used to fund abortion care. The ban causes tens of thousands of preventable deaths each year.

Researchers urge doctors to test patients for forever chemicals: Routine testing is rare and most people don’t know how much PFAS is coursing through their circulatory system. There are more than 9,000 PFASs, of which about 600 are currently on the market, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The chemicals have been widely used for a long time in fire-fighting foam and to make wares like non-stick cookware, stain-proof mats, waterproof jackets and fast-food wraps that repel oil and grease.

# Military / Global
Ukraine’s Push to Take Back This City Could Define the War: Ukrainian officials are planning to take back Kherson from Russian forces in a sweeping counteroffensive, but there are huge doubts about whether they are ready.

# Security
National Security Search Engine: Google’s Ranks Are Filled With CIA Agents, “We lied, we cheated, we stole.” Googl, one of the largest and most influential organizations in the modern world, is filled with ex-CIA agents. Studying employment websites and databases, MintPress has ascertained that the Silicon Valley giant has recently hired dozens of professionals from the Central Intelligence Agency in recent years.

# Social
Dillard’s Clerk Fired After Black Dad Schools Him on Why N-Word Is So Vile: “My 10-year-old son heard you call me ‘a fucking n—–,’” a man is heard saying in the video that was posted on Instagram. “I want you to know this is unacceptable.” “This isn’t a Black or white issue; this is an idiot issue,” the father says.

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